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This is nothing to fool around with. This infection could actually spread through to your blood stream, and then you will be in worse trouble. Call your Doctor and get this treated.

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Q: Can an abscess in the roof of your mouth due to a toothache cause more serious problems from the pus spreading into your sinuses?
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Why drain an abscess?

If an abcess is not drained, it will drain itself..the problem is where it drains can cause some very serious problems,,and in some cases death.

Should you visit the dentist if you get a tooth abscess?

You should definitely visit a dentist if you suffer a tooth abscess. A tooth abscess can point to a more serious underlying problem if not treated quickly and properly.

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Lung abscess can lead to serious complications, including emphysema, spread of the abscess to other parts of the lung, hemorrhage, adult respiratory distress syndrome, rupture of the abscess, inflammation of the membrane surrounding the heart,

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If the abscess ruptures into neighboring areas or if the infectious agent spills into the bloodstream, serious consequences are likely.

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