Can an abscessed tooth really kill a person?

The bacteria from the infection can especially if the dentist opens the tooth without the person being on antibiotic first. When they open the tooth without antibiotic the infection can spread and go up to the brain. If you leave the tooth unattended to it poses the same threat and it also can ruin other healthy pulp and roots of teeth. Yes, an infection in your teeth CAN lead to death, if not treated properly and quickly. It can also cause many other medical problems, such as heart muscle damage, lung infections and brain cell infections. The blood curculation system goes to all of your body and infection is carried by the blood, from your infected teeth, to the rest of you. Get it treated right away. While the above is true it would take a very long time and before that the pain would be so intense you'd be begging to go to a dentist. Always keep your teeth and gums healthy. If you can't afford a dentist, go to a dental school (the students there are excellent) or a clinic.