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Can an accountant own their own business?

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Yes they can.

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What can you gain being an accountant?

you could own your own accounting business

Briefly describe your ideal job as an accountant?

An ideal job as an accountant is to have his own business where he attracts his own clients. This model could be the most profitable for an accountant.

What is the average pay for an accountant?

it depends on who owns the business. if you own your own business you can pay yourself but if it is owned by someone else they pay you!

Can chartered accountant be a businessman?

Of course they can. My Uncle was a CA and started his own business and is a CEO.

What do you call a person who keeps accounts for a business?

accountant bookkeeper

Is wedding gift taxable?

* No, a wedding gift is not taxable because it's not a donation. If you own your own business you may be able to have your accountant put it under 'gift bought' and you may be lucky enough to have it made taxable, but that is up to your accountant.

Why be an accountant?

An accountant can usually find work even in a bad economy. An accountant can work in almost any industry, from operating their own business to working for any size company. An accountant can work in the private sector or any government sector. Accountant jobs cover almost every business and industry setting, from keeping books for 'mom and pop' businesses to keeping books for Hollywood movie stars; from the military to scientific or educational institutions. There is no industry or organization that does not need an accountant.

Should your accountant suggest you have a business account?

If you have a viable business, then yes, you should have a bunsiness account. It will help you (or your accountant) to keep track of your accounting.

Tax Accountant?

form_title=Hire a Tax Accountant form_header=Taxes can be increasingly complicated, hire a professional to make life simpler. Are you filing for a business or for personal?= () Yes () No Will you be filing jointly?= () Yes () No What property do you own?=_

What is the Best homebased business?

chartered accountant

How much are accountant and lawyer fees?

I am writing a business plan and I need to know what the average accountant fees are.

What work of accountant?

A good accountant can share Essential Small Business Tips From Forecasting to Accountants Services.

What does accountant mean?

Occupation-someone who does bookkeeping for a business.

How much does an accountant cost for a small business?


What does it mean to be a public accountant?

This means that you either work for a accounting firm (H&R Block) or you have your own accounting business. You work for yourself and not for others.

Of what importance is an accountant to the entrepreneur?

An accountant not only provides the financial data and statements for the business but also interprets the information for the entrepreneur.

Role of a cost accountant in service industry?

business accounting

Who would you ask for assistance with business activity statements?


How many people are involved in a typical business transactions and who are they?


Is Taylor dell an accountant in business for herself covered by osha?


Where could one go to find an accountant for a small business?

To find an accountant for a small business, the easiest way is to get referrals. These can come from the Chamber of Commerce or even other small businesses.

Should an accountant manage a business?

Some CPAs work for themselves. Some work for others. It all depends on the personality and abilities of the particular accountant. It is an individual decision. As far as managing a different type of business is concerned, it depends on the type of business. Accountants usually have a personality concerned with details. One would not generally choose an accountant to manage a business concerned with high fashion or a business where the object is to sell the sizzle as well as the steak. On the other hand, where an established business is hemoraging money, an accountant might be just the person.

Accounting elements or values?

If you own your onw business you can make your own hours. Therefore you can spend time with the family more. The knowledge you learn as an accountant as you will deal with many different people with different money problems.

What are the basic function of accountant?

someone who maintains and audits business accounts They prepare financial reports for a business.

What careers can you get from a business and management degree?

You can be an accountant, a lecturer, a financial analyst or an economist with your business and management degree.