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No. A minor cannot enter into legal contracts nor in most cases can a minor give permission for their own medical care (exceptions being, life threatening situations or pregnancy). The parents or legal guardian of the minor would be responsible for the medical bills, assuming the minor had not been legally emancipated or obtained medical services through fraudulent means.

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In Tennessee a minor who is 14 or older is considered an emancipated adult for all medical care related to the pregnancy so who is responsible for the medical bills the minor or the parents?

If a minor is legally emancipated it is assumed that they have no more connection with the parent, and that the parent is no longer financially responsible. Therefore, the child is held responsible for bills.

Are unpaid medical bills for a minor child to show on the child's credit report?


Are parents respnsible for seventeen year old's medical bills in Missouri if they do not reside with either parent?

They are still considered a minor. The parents are responsible for them until the become an adult at age 18.

Do you have to pay medical bills for your 17 year old girl who has moved out?

If you love her, yes ---- Unless there is some special circumstance, the fact that you child has left the house does not change your responsibility for her. You would still be liable for debts incurred by your minor child.

Can parents of a minor male child be held responsible for the medical expenses incurred by a young girls pregnancy?

yes i had a baby at the age of 15 and the fathers parents would of had to pay medical bills the only reason that didnt happen is because i was on full coverage medicade from the state good luck

If you were a minor and you have an unpaid medical bill can it legally be sent to a collection agency and then held against you when you turn 18?

No. If the bill was incurred when you were a minor, then the bill is your parent's responsibility. It would be illegal to put it on your credit report.

Who is responsible for medical bills for a seventeen year old?

The legal guardians are responsible for a 17 year old unemancipated minor, unless the bills are the result of injury caused by another, in which case the courts may deem that this person(s) are responsible for medical bills.

Is a surviving parent responsible for paying any bills for a deceased child in the state of Pennsylvania?

If the child is a minor, yes, they are. If the child is an adult, no, they are not.

Is it legal for a minor to kiss an adult?

Yes, It is Legal for a minor to kiss an adult because if the minor and adult like each other then they can kiss and if the minor allows it to happen

Can a Parent of an Adult file civil suit against an minor for gifts the adult gave the minor?

No. You play no part in the adult giving a gift to the minor.

What rights do I have to my child's medical records?

If you child is a minor and you are a custodial parent, you should have complete access. If your child is an adult, none.

Are the parents of a minor pregnant child responsible for her medical bills?

Not exactly , here parents from both the sides, that is the girls parents and also the boys parents should pay for the medical bills. It should not be left entirely on the girls parents as the boy was more responsible for this mess.

Can you cross the Canadian border from the us as a minor alone?

No. You are a minor and not an adult which means you must be with an adult.

In Alabama If your a minor and you have a baby are you legally an adult?

No. You are a minor with a baby. 18 is the age you become an adult.

Who makes the medical decisions in a Jehovah's Witness family?

For a minor it would be his or her parents (or legal guardian). For an adult they make their own decisions.

If someone is ill and has had lots of medical treatment and has no insurance when that person dies who is legally responsible for the bills?

A parent of a minor child is responsible for the child's medical bills. In many states, a spouse is responsible for the other spouse's medical bills. A parent of a grown child (18+.) is NOT responsible, nor is a child of an aging parent, unless someone signed the hospital or physician's form as a responsible party. If the deceased is an adult with no dependents and no one else signed a form to take financial responsibility, then the estate of the deceased will be responsible for the medical bills. If there is no cash in the estate, the provider is simply out of luck - they cannot chase after relatives in an attempt to collect the debt. If the deceased left a sum of cash or assets, then all outstanding bills should be paid from the estates assets prior to distribution to heirs.

Can a minor marry an adult?

only if the minor has their parents permission

Can a minor charged for a crime as a minor be convicted as an adult?


What trouble can a minor get in if he hits an adult And the minor is 17?

He will probably be charged as an adult and face trial for assault and battery.

If minor has parent permission and gets pregnant by an adult?

A parent that gives permission for a minor to have sex with an adult is committing a crime, as is the adult with whom the minor has sex. Think about it. If it is okay for a parent to give permission for a minor to have sex with an adult, at what age is ok? 15? 12? 10? What about 4 or 5? It is the responsibility of the parent to protect their minor child.

Are Parents liable for medical bills incured when minor child injures an adult?

yes, we are financially responsible for our kids until they are 18, in most states, 2 states, I believe it is until they are 19. If they break it we pay for it.Financial responsibility falls on the parents until the kid turns 21 in NY

If a minor seeks medical treatment the physician will not need parental permission if it's an emergency and life-threatening?

The minor will almost always need parental permission or an adult accompanying them unless it is a matter of an emergency.

Results of a minor being pregnant by an adult?

Hopefully, a lawsuit by the parents of the the case that the intercourse was not consentual. If the minor WANTED to have sex with the adult, there is really nothing the parents can do.

Can you go to jail for protecting a minor from an adult?

Depending on how you are protecting the minor from an adult you could go to jail. If you are protecting the minor within the guidelines of the law then you will not go to jail.

Can a minor parent make medical decisions for their infant?

If you live in the US... Yes. A minor parent has all the same parental rights as an adult parent, so they have the right to consent or not consent to medical care for their child. However, if a parent denies medical care that is NECESSARY, where lack of treatment is life-threatening, then they can lose custody of their child over it.