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A deed or title is what determines who owns real property, so the answer would be no. However, it is extremely important for any property owner to be certain the title or deed is worded to their best advantage under the laws of the state where the property is located. Jointly owned property when not held by a married couple should, whenever possible, be titled Joint Tenants With The Right to Survivorship, (JTWRS).

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Q: Can an adult child who is not on the mortgage agreement with their father but is on the property deed be evicted by their siblings if their father dies?
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Can you be evicted after being injured on a property you rent?

Yes, you can be evicted for any lawful reason, according to your lease or other agreement, read in context of your local laws.

What happens if your tenant breaks the mediation agreement how soon can they get evicted?

This depends on the mediation agreement, which often has a clause that states that a tenant can be evicted automatically if he doesn't follow the rules on the agreement.

Can someone be evicted if they are not on the rental agreement?

Whomever is on the lease agreement will be evicted if unauthorized personnel are residing and the home owner has repeatedly requested their removal.

If your parents have been living in one of your houses for 5 years can your husband evict them?

As long as your parents are not on the mortgage, they can be evicted. If you and your husband are on the lease, you need to come up with an agreement.

If a sibling has continued to live in deceased mom house can other siblings have him evicted?

An estate must be probated in order for title to the real estate to pass to the heirs whether there is a will or not. If several siblings inherited a house then each one has the right to the use and possession of the whole property so you can't have him evicted. However, the parties should come to some mutual agreement about rent and expenses. You need to consult with an attorney who can review your situation and then explain your options.

In the state of Pennsylvania can you be evicted if you don't live on the property anymore?

?? They can file all the legal paperwork and move any personal property you have on the property to the curb. If you have received a notice of eviction, you have been evicted, but they can't physically remove you from the property if you are not there.

What is a Nondisturbance Clause in a commercial lease?

The nondisturbance clause, when properly worded, ensures that the rental agreement between the tenant and the landlord will continue under any circumstances, including mortgage default or the sale of the property. This is done primarily to protect the renter from eviction by the mortgagor if the property is foreclosed upon. A nondisturbance clause ensures that a tenant will not be evicted in the event that the landlord goes bankrupt or sells to a new owner.

What happens in California to personal property of a of a business when evicted?

Every state has its own laws regarding what to do with personal property of an evicted tenant. You'll need to check with your state's rules.

Can you be evicted from a house that is still deeded in your name at the county tax office and you have paid the taxes?

An eviction is the expulsion of a tenant by the landlord or the owner of the property. If you are the owner of the property no one else has the legal capacity to evict you from your property.However, if you're referring to a foreclosure proceeding, the bank can take possession of your property if you're in default of the mortgage.

Can the mortgage company change the locks on a foreclosed property?

If everything has been done properly and according to all laws, there is a time when the company can change locks. They are the owners of the property by that point; the former owners have been given all the proper notices and have been evicted.

What happens if you stop paying your mortgage?

The lender will foreclose on the property and the borrower will be evicted. The property will be sold according to the real estate laws of the state in which it is located. HUD property is generally auctioned off at the court house in the county where the property is located. The borrower may or may not have redemption rights to the property and may or may not be responsible for any outstanding debt connected to said property.

Can a landlord sue evicted tenet for property damage?


What is the definition of evicted?

To get kicked out or put out of. For example, to be removed or told to leave a property by a landlord. "Mrs Smith was evicted from her house for not paying the rent".

Can you be evicted from a house if you own the house?

No. A person cannot be "evicted" from their home. There are other operations of law that would result in a person losing their home. However, none would be properly called an eviction.In a domestic case, a judge could issue an order removing one party from their home.A town could take the property for non-payment of property taxes.A lender could take the property by foreclosure if the borrower defaults on the mortgage.The government could take the property by a forfeiture in a criminal case.

Can a landlord have youb evicted if you don't have lease agreement and have not paid rent in two months?


Can an adult child named on a JTWRS deed with their mother be evicted if the mother dies due to large credit card refinancing on the mortgage loan if the loan is only in the mother's name?

Real property held as JTWRS does not enter probate procedure nor is it subject to creditor attachment unless the surviving owners are joint debtors. If there is a mortgage with outstanding balance or the house has been used as collateral to secure a loan, the surviving owners are responsible for the debt or the lender can foreclose on the property, regardless of the wording of the title. The property itself is the collateral for the loan and the lender is the lien holder of the property until the mortgage/loan is paid off.

Can a beneficiaries change locks on the property with out notifying the executor?

That would be an illegal action. The executor is responsible for the estate and its property. He could have them evicted.

Do I have any recourse if I was evicted for having an unauthorized pet at a no pets allowed property where at least one other tenant has a pet and was not evicted?

Probably not. The other tenant's situation has nothing to do with you.

The mother and child is not on the property deed be evicted by the father of their child even though they are not married?

AnswerI don't think Common Law protects the woman and child, as far as property is concerned. So yes, they can be evicted by the landowner.AV SEX THAT PROOVES IT ALL !!!!!

What can be charged per day storage fee on evictions in CA?

Once you are evicted the landlord has the right to have any property that you left behind removed and they are not required to make any arrangements for its storage. It is likely that your property will be on its way to the dump within a day after you were evicted.

Can a tenant be evicted for the landlord selling the property?

Yes, if the new landlord wants the tenant out for a good reason, such as because he wants to move into the property.

Who accepts evictions?

Most tennants do not willingly accept being evicted, but must vacate the property.

Does restitution of premises mean evicted?

Not by itself. That is something that is ordered by a judge when you are evicted. It basically means to return the property back to its original condition if you damaged it (or at least pay the landlord for what you damaged).

Can your spouse throw you out even though your name is not on the mortgage?

This question needs to be more specific, but the answer to it depends on where you live. Generally you can not be evicted without notice no matter where you live or who owns the house. If you live in a community property state you may have rights to the home depending on the situation regardless of who is on the mortgage. The name on the title of the home is more important than the mortgage documents. This is assuming there is no threat of harm that would cause your spouse to fear for their safety.

Can a tenant be evicted if the property is acquired through divorce?

not till the tenant violates the lease or the lease expires