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YES!!! Especially if the other person is over the age of 18 years old.Be careful, it could turn into a really bad thing...especially if her parents(or his parents) were to push the issue in court

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Can an adult encounter legal problems if they allow a 16 year-old runaway to live in their home?

Yes. This can be considered kidnapping or custody interference. If a runaway child knocks on your door allow him to come in and feed him/her, but call the police immediately. Do not take the child back home-- it may be abusive.

Is it legal to runaway in the state of Washington?

If you are an adult.

Can parents press charges ageist the person who hid a runaway even when the runaway is18?

No because if the child(adult) is 18 then he or she is an adult under the laws.

What age is considered a runaway in Mississippi?

Anyone under the age of 18 is a runaway. They are a minor and not an adult.

What is the legal runaway age in Ohio?

There is no legal runaway age in any state. At 18, you're an adult and you can leave without being a runaway.

Can you be held criminally responsible for not reporting your 18 year old a runaway?

He is not a runaway at 18, he is legally an adult.

Are you a runaway in Alabama at 18?

No, you are legally an adult and can live where you want.

Can your mom turn you in as a runaway even if you are 18?

If the laws of your state declare that you are an adult at the age of 18, you are not a runaway at age 18.

What are the runaway laws in Mississippi?

Anyone under age 18 who is a runaway in Mississippi is in violation of a status offense. If state lines are crossed and an adult aids the runaway, Federal charges will be pressed.

What are the problems of adult education in Nigeria?

problems of adult education in nigeria

What can the police do to a person who takes in an 18 year old runaway in the state of Alabama?

At 18 years old, the person is considered an adult and then not a runaway.

What is the age when you can't be considered a 'runaway' anymore in AR?

When you are an adult. Until then you are a minor and subject to parental supervision. You would have to be 18.

How old do you have to be to leave home and not be considered a runaway in Tennessee?

At 18 you can leave. You are an adult.

What age can a person in Louisiana leave home and not be considered a runaway?

When they are a legal adult, which is 18.

What age are you no longer considered a runaway in Illinois?

18 years old when you become an adult.

Do you need a passport to go to South Carolina?

Not if you already live in the United States. Of course if you are minor from another state traveling w/o adult supervision or permission and have an encounter with authorities there can be problems.

Can the cops make you go home if you runaway at age 17?

Yes because you are not a legal adult

What happens to a runaway in Washington state when they turn 18?

They are technically an adult,so they can live their life.

What will happen if you help an 18 year old foster care runaway?

Absolutely nothing. He or she is already an adult. You can only be prosecuted if it is against his or her will, or if the runaway is a minor (below the age of 18).

Where to go if you want to runaway?

Go to a church to speak to a minister or an adult there or speak to your teacher about why you want to run away. You need to have an adult help you with your problems. They can help you get relocated to a safer home or to another relative's home. Do not just go to the streets. Kids are killed there everyday. You could also go to a Boys and Girls club and speak to an adult there. They have social workers who know how to deal with your problems. If you are being abused tell your teacher right away.

What do you do if your 17 yr old moves out and an adult is harbouring him?

If he's not allowed to legally where you live due to his age or if you have not given permission if needed, you report him as a runaway. It's illegal to harbor a runaway and then the police can go and get him. Or you tell the adult that what they are doing is illegal so maybe then they kick him out.

Can a 19-year old be considered a runaway?

No because they are passed 18 and when you turn 18 your a legal adult

What statute can be used to stop an adult harboring a child under 16 years old?

Harboring a known runaway

Can a 19 year old be considered a runaway in the state of Florida?

No, you are an adult since you were 18. Now you just moved out.

What kind of problems do the working adult learners faced?

- financial problems -time management -family problems