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Can an antivirus be a virus?


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yes and actually the 'so called' "Anti-virus 2008" software is a virus desguised as an anti-virus software opens a backdoor that downloads other virus onto the system. The best thing (the only thing actually) you can do is then download the trial or buy the Norton 2008 package off their website which will fully take ALL virues out gaureenteed by me (jk). So yea..

Also, there's a virus called "ALPHA ANTIVIRUS"and my computer got it off of facebook and I had to look it up to delete it.

And again there is another virus called Antivirus7, it tellls you too give it information and to buy it but really its someone trying to take all your info. If you seem too have it on your computer i advise you too take it off. Another thing to look out for is things that are unusual.. NORTON DOES GIVE VIRUSES. Norton does not help at all and you have to pay for it which is the WORST PART OF ALL. please be carful .

I recommend FIREWALL, and more

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If you suspect there is a virus on your computer, you should immediately scan your computer with an installed antivirus. When your antivirus finds a virus, either have it quarantined or removed. By quarantining a virus, you have the ability to send the file to the antivirus company for analysis, so that way they can protect other clients from the virus.

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no, download a antivirus. there are free antivirus program's available on the net

No, your Xbox cannot get a virus. So, no need for antivirus.

Computer Virus Signature are updates that has been downloaded mainly by an Antivirus program. These Virus Signature are patterns and behaviors of a virus. If your Antivirus detected a file and it's pattern and behavior the same as the virus signature, it will automatically list it as virus.

Bitdefender Antivirus, Kaspersky Anti-virus, and Norton AntiVirus are some of the top 3 providers of virus protection for PC's.

An antivirus software.

No, it's an antivirus, but anyone can make a virus with name Norton.

You can use the antivirus scanner to detect and remove virus effectively.

A Trojan virus is a virus that pretends its something great, but when you open it, its really something bad. I never heard of a Trojan antivirus though

Every Antivirus has a database of viruses. It check all files and folder for searching these virus. If found then it show that it has virus. Antivirus has also several option for delete or repair or quarentine these files.

it is almost imposibal to remove a virus with out a antivirus. it requires good knowlege of the exact virus you have and well with out antivirus good luck figurin that out. ps- get antivirus!

we can remove it through registered norton antivirus & macfee antivirus. thank you

Antivirus software will notice about the virus,malware,spyware etc

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