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Can an astigmatism get worse?

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January 09, 2016 4:13AM

Astigmatism is only a particular version of short or long sight, so it can get worse or better throughout life.

Statistically astigmatism, for the population as a whole, gets worse through the growth years up to about 22 years of age, and then slowly declines until it shows an tendency to increase after about 60 years of age.

There is plenty of room, however, for any particular eye or pair of eyes to do whatever they like.

According to Dr. Tan Quach of Adelaide, Australia:

Astigmatism can indeed get worse. the cause of this, whether it be pathological (ie post injury) or hereditary may influence whether or not it worsens.

Typically though, it does get worse with age. i believe it is unlikely that it will revert to normal, however i am unable to obtain clinical evidence of this. there is definitely the chance that it will remain unchanged throughout life.

The good news is, through technological advances, patients with astigmatism can now use the more comfortable, soft contact lens. colour lens are also available. Finally, refractive surgery may also prove benficial for some patients.