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Atoms and Atomic Structure

Can an atom die?


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August 07, 2009 3:13AM

"a virus can kill it" I doubt that an atom can be killed by a virus. A virus a form of microbiology. This means, that a virus itself is made from atoms, and can only kill other biological creatures. An atom is not a biological creature, it is a building block for everything. This would be like saying you can fire a gun from a gun, where the gun becomes the bullet. An atom changes it's element properties through the number of protons versus neutrons, the isotope, etc. There for a virus is actually atoms.

When an organism dies, their atoms do not die, they just assume another form. Atoms can go from being organic tissue, to dirt. On an atomic level, any form of matter can actually be anything. A rock can be water, wood can be plastic, oil can be wine, skin can be metal, glass can be oxygen, and so on. For something to die, it has to be living in the first place. Atoms are not organisms; they cannot die.