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No, it would be a conflict of interest. Confusing Query I shall assume that what the querist is asking is, can the attorney who defended he or she in a criminal trial become his or her legal representative in a civil suit against the state for 'malicious prosecution'. If that is indeed the case, then there would not be a conflict of interest and the plaintiff may use whomever he or she choose to represent them. It would likely be beneficial to the client to retain the same attorney as he or she would be quite familiar with the specifics of the case.

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What does the term prosecution mean pertaining to the law?

In criminal law, prosecution means the government attorney is charging and trying a case against an individual accused of a crime. The government attorney can also be referred to as the prosecution.

Who proves guilt in a case?

The prosecution will show the evidence and present the testimony that indicates guilt. The defending attorney will try to punch holes in the evidence and testimony. The jury then decides what the facts are based on the testimony and evidence.

What is rights of wife called by prosecution attorney?

Marital Privilege

Can an attorney represent his or her own family members?

Can an attorney represent a member of his own family in massachusetts

What is the name of both sides in a criminal case?

The government attorney represents the PROSECUTION. The defendant's attorney represents the DEFENSE.

What is the role of the office of district attorney?

Basically the prosecution of crimes in general.

Can an attorney represent family members?

if he/she was your attorney no they can not represent your family members.well atleast not at the same time.atleast they are not suppose to!

Can you represent your self in a divorce?

Yes. However, an attorney could represent your best interests better than you can.Yes. However, an attorney could represent your best interests better than you can.Yes. However, an attorney could represent your best interests better than you can.Yes. However, an attorney could represent your best interests better than you can.

Who goes first in court prosecutor or defense attorney?

The Prosecution goes first.

Does power of attorney allow me to represent in matters not understood by person I represent?

If you possess "full power of attorney" yes, you can.

Can an attorney represent his wife?

In most cases, an attorney can represent his own wife. There are some times when the attorney will have to rescue himself but it will depend upon the judge of the case.

Who has the authority to take action against a district attorney that is involved in warrant less malicious prosecution and Who can I contact besides my Court appointed Attorney?

Besides the judge himself, you will have to write a letter to the State's Attorney's Office. I should point out, that if you truly cannot trust your appointed counsel, you would do well to refuse him and have your refusal - and reasons - placed in the record.

In Michigan can you be charged with possession if it is not real?

You can be charged with anything. Once you are charged, and the evidence is examined, if it is found to not be real, likely as not the prosecutor will drop charges rather than humiliate himself by continuing prosecution. If however he does not, your defense attorney should be able to handle the acquittal, and perhaps represent you in your wrongful prosecution case.

Who is the defending attorney in the brown v board of ed trial?

Aaron Williams

Who does the prosecuting attorney represent?


Can patent agent represent a client at a trial?

If the patent "agent" also happens to be an attorney he can. Only a licensed attorney can represent you at trial.

Do attorneys have product liability?

An attorney can be sued for malpractice if the client believes that their attorney has performed poorly during a case. This has its risks as the client has to prove that there was severe negligence or malicious intent by their attorney.

What does a District Attorney do?

The District Attorney is in charge of prosecution. He/she acts on behalf of the people of the state and don't work on civil cases between two people.

What services does a DWI defense attorney typically provide?

There is no such thing as a DWI defense attorney, if you meant a DUI defense attorney, then the services provided are those of defending someone who has received a DUI.

What is the role of a defense attorney?

To represent the defendant.

Can an attorney represent both plaintiff and defendant?


Can a person be represented in court by someone other than an attorney?

You can represent yourself or have an attorney.

What is an attorney at law?

An attorney at law is a lawyer qualified to represent in court a party to a lawsuit.

When a private attorney is chosen by a court to represent an indigent they are referred to as?

Court appointed attorney

The attorney that represented you in your divorce is now representing your mother against you in a forecloser can he do that?

Short Answer... YES An Attorney works for anyone and everyone that will pay their fees to work for them. This Attorney can contract with anyone who wishes to contract with them, including your mother. You contracted with them in the past to represent you during your divorce. Now your Mother has contracted with them to represent her during the foreclosure. The Attorney would have contracted with you, to represent you during the foreclosure, if you had contracted with them before your Mother did. Now you will have to represent yourself or contract with another Attorney to represent you during the foreclosure. It's just business in their eyes.