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Can an car insurance company suspend a drivers license in Texas?


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No. A drivers' license is issued by the DPS and only the DPS - or a court - can suspend someone's license.

However, if Texas requires insurance and you don't have it, if an insurance company notifies DPS that you don't have insurance, then DPS could suspend your license.

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they cannot suspend you, only a court and the police can, however, they can refuse to insure you.

No, not usually. The insurance company has nothing to do with suspension of drivers licenses, that's up to the Department of Motor Vehicles or whatever it is in your state. I have seen times where a person owes an insurance company money from hitting an insured vehicle when the party at fault did not have insurance required by law. In these cases I have seen our state suspend a drivers license until the balance is paid in full to the insurance company. This is because it was due to failure to obey a state law of not driving without minimum required insurance limits. I saw once where a 15 year old could not get a license until this was paid off in full.

In NSW Australia they suspend your drivers license and suspend your compulsory third party insurance

Yes they could contact the WV Driver license to do so.

No, you don't need insurance to pay the ticket. However, Since almost all U.S. states these days will suspend your drivers license for having been found guilty of driving without insurance. You will need to buy insurance before you can get the drivers license suspension lifted.

An insurance company cannot suspend your license, period. Only the government can do that. What they can do is refuse to insure you. In practical terms, this may amount to the same thing, since most states make it illegal to drive without insurance (or some other proof of financial responsibility, such as a bond).

Yes, they can suspend your license. Texas has a right to protect the other drivers and the location of the violations doesn't matter.

The question is not worded correctly or is using the wrong terminology. You cannot put a lien on a state-issued drivers license. Note: In the state of Florida a towing company can place a lien on your drivers license for unpaid fines owed to them. While this will not suspend your drivers license it will prevent you from renewing your tag or getting a new tag until the monies owed to the company is paid.

Not directly. The DMV does that after processing a request from the courts.

Yes, if the infraction happened inside the state lines. however, they won't suspend the license themselves, but will request Ohio to suspend it.

your insurance co will notify the DMV and then can suspend your license

The State might suspend your drivers license.

That would be no, if I'm driving in Indiana, Michigan can't come in and suspend my license because they don't have jurisdiction in Indiana. However, Michigan could suspend my Indiana license if I was driving in Michigan.

They can request Michigan to do that, but Michigan is not compelled to comply. Georgia can suspend your driving privilege in the state of Georgia.

if you mean a bicycle, most likely not. To suspend a drivers license usually you need to be committing a motor vehicle offense or it is part of a restriction due to probation, etc.

They can suspend your driving privilege in the state of Oklahoma, meaning that, if they do this, and you're caught driving in Oklahoma on any license, it'll be treated as you driving on a suspended license. As for actually suspending the license, they can request that the state of Texas suspend it, and the state of Texas will make the call as to whether they comply or not.

Yes, you should get it before you go to court. If you appear in court without the required Sr22 Certificate the judge will have no choice but to suspend your license as you are continuing to demonstrate that you have no desire to comply with the law. As far as will they suspend your license anyway, well that depends on just how bad a driver the court perceives you to be. But if you go to court and have not obtained your sr22 filing you are guaranteed they will suspend your drivers license.

It does not violate the Constitution. A driver's license is not a right, it is a privilege and can be revoked.

The 2 are unrelated. They are very much related. The State may suspend your drivers license for non-payment (thresholds vary by State). The State may suspend or revoke your professional license, also.

They can suspend your ability to drive in Florida, regardless of where the license is from.

They can request it of South Carolina - South Carolina may or may not comply. Georgia can suspend your privilege to drive within their state.

Any state can suspend your license if you were driving on their roads. For instance, my license is an Indiana license. Michigan can't suspend my license because they don't have jurisdiction in Indiana. Michigan can, however, suspend my license if I was driving on Michigan's roads.

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