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The issue of the person being elderly is not relevant to the legality of them entering into a financial agreement. However, the mental competency of any person who engages the action is definitely instrumental in the legitimacy of such dealings. If the elder person was not capable of understanding what they were agreeing to be obligated to do then the contract can be made null and void. This is seldom a simple matter unless the lender is agreeable. The law defines mental incompetency differently then would a medical professional or layperson. The best option would be for the interested party to obtain legal advice on the matter in question. Most attorneys offer free or minimal fee consultations. The American Bar Association offers a free nationwide referral service at, state bar association's also offer free referral services or the local legal aid society can be a source of assistance.

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Q: Can an elderly cosigner who has been mislead into cosigning be removed from the agreement?
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