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Ask a lawyer. You probably have to sue first and if you win then you can place a lien of the company's assets.

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Q: Can an employee place a lien on an employers vehicle for back wages if the vehicle is used for work?
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Is it true or false that the Federal unemployment tax is imposed on employers and thus is not deducted from employee's wages?


Advantages of minimum wages?

what are the advantages in give salary or wages to ann employee? what are the advantages in give salary or wages to an employee?

Missouri law on paychecks?

The state of Missouri allows employers to deduct certain things beyond standard deductions from employee's paychecks. This can include, tools, uniforms, etc. If an employee's wages are to be reduced, he must be notified prior to 30 days. Employers must issue a final paycheck after an employee ends his or her position.

Can a Ca employer hold an employees wages?

There are situations where a California employer can hold an employee's wages. If the employee's wages are being garnished the employer can hold them.

What is the wages paid to an employee?


What is the purpose of employers associations?

to hold down wages

Who pays unemployment benefits to the ex-employee?

The government <><> If you have worked in the last year and a half you can go especially in Texas to the Texas Workforce Commission and apply for unemployment. It is based on wages you earned as an employee and the employers you worked for pay a percentage

What is Remunaration?

It is the wages and bonuses paid to an employee.

What are Employee wages are an example of?

variable cost

If an employee steals from his employer can this amount be added to the employee's wages as taxable income?

This money cannot be added to the employee's wages as taxable income. This money is not theirs and should be reported to the police.

Why was it possible for employers to pay low wages in the 19th20th century?

# # #

What were wages in pulp mills in 2001?

Employee wages averaged $21.41 per hour in 2001

If employer makes a mistake calculating past wages can the employer take back overpayment of wages from employee?

Yes. It is the employee's responsibilty to ensure their salary is correct.

Does the employee have to be served first before they can garnishee your wages?


What is an operative employee?

Somebody who works for hourly or daily wages.

Could we get reimburse for check issued to wrong employee?

Yes, you may cancel this check or demand reimbursement for whatever the employee owes in excess of their duly earned wages for that pay period. The employee has no entitlement to wages they did not earn.

Are managers allowed to discuss an employees wages with another employee?

No, that is confidential in the workplace. No law makes employee wage rates confidential. Employees have no expectation that wages will be kept secret.

What are some examples of employee incentive programs?

Employee Incentive Programs are offered by many different employers as a perk or extra onto of wages or salary. Some examples include, bonuses, vouchers for attaining targets, clocks to show long service or buying or selling of holiday.

How do I find out how much longer my wages will be garnished?

You can find out from your employer how much longer your wages will be garnished. Employers do not have a say on wage garnishments.

What percentage can a company garnish an employee's wages?

First, a company can not garnish an employee's wages. A court order is required to begin a garnishment of wages which a company is legally required to follow. Federal law mandates that a maximum of 60% of an employee's income can be garnished. This amount is determined by a judge and varies from situation to situation.

Can a Texas salaried nonexempt employee have wages deducted for hours not worked?

I have looked through the FLSA information and deducting wages for hours not worked as a salaried nonexempt employee in Texas, I can not find the answer.

What is one strategy that employers use to continue to do business dedespite high wages?

A strategy that employers use to continue to do business despite high wages is to hire less people. If the business does hire, it will be unskilled workers.

How would you define employee benefits?

Employee benefits are compensations given to employees in addition to regular salaries or wages.

Is an employer required by law to notify the employee before garnishing wages?

The company does have to notify the employee before deduct from their wages. Many states have laws covering this and in some states thay cannot deduct without the employee's written authorization.

Is gift card from employer taxed?

Yes - Gift cards from employers are taxable income. They should be reported by the employer as wages and reported by the employee as income. There is an exception if the gift is de minimus, but the exception is genuinely difficult to meet.