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It probably depends on how much time has passed. Contact the NY State WC Board at 518.474.6670 & good luck to you.

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If an employee was involved in an accident in his own vehicle while on company business who is liable employee or employer?

Employer & employee

Can an employer give an employee a company vehicle to use and then take it back?

Sure can. It belongs to the company and not the employee.

Is the employee the worker or the boss?

The worker is the employee. (If the boss owns the company, he is the employer.)

Describe how you view as an employer?

An employer is the person or company that you work for. It is your responsibility as an employee to represent your employer by doing a good job.

Is the insurance company required to notify you if your employer cancels the company policy thereby cancelling the employee coverage?

No. The Employer must notify you.

Can an employee indemnify the employer?

In the event whereas an employee neglectfully causes damages or loss to company properties, they can be made to compensate their employer. R Layne,

How long does a company have to pay a terminated employee in New Mexico?

No employer has to pay a terminated employee anywhere.

Can an employer garnish wages of an employee that fails to return company property?

No the employer must still until time the employer feels the employee will fail at paying(usually 6 months to pay) then he may discuss with the employee about taking it out of his/her pay.

Who determines if you can change clothes at workemployee or employer?

The employee handbook or a manual that states company policy and procedure would determine if you can change clothes at work as an employee or employer.

Is is legal for an employer to make employee pay for repairs to a company car?


Can an employer withhold wages while employee is still working for the company?


Can you collect unemployment for quitting a job because employer does not adhere to medical restriction?

This is Canadian Law: An employer cannot fire an employee if they are ill and when that employee returns to work they can change jobs in the company where they can cope. If you quit a job then the employer has no responsibility towards that employee.

Which kind of life insurance policy protects a company from loss caused by the death of a valuable employee?

Key Man life insurance could be either on a term or permanent life plan, where the beneficiary is the employer. The funds can be used by the beneficiary company to hire and train a replacement for the key person employee.

Can a pvt limited company hold the provident fund of an employee after resignation?

No. After an employee resigns, the money has to be either paid out to the employee or transferred to his new employer - as per the request of the employee

Can an employer take control of employees travel rewards?

That depends if the rewards are company owned and if the employee is traveling for business purposes and all expense of the employee is covered by the company.

What is the importance of an employee to an organization?

the employer is help add value to the company by increasing productivity

How would you describe general employee morale?

its when you happy about something or not, your employer, or company morals

Does my employer have to provide health insurance me?

No. Not if the employer is not set up to offer it to any of his/her employees OR if the company does offer it and you are a 'Part-time employee' working under 35 hours a week OR if you are a 'Full-time employee' and have not worked for the company for 90 days.

Can an employer search an employee's pockets on the job?

Yes, in most states, with the exception of a few, an employer has the right to search an employee's personal belongings under many circumstances. If the employer suspects or has open proof that the employee in question has stolen items or believes the employee to be involved in fraud or other circumstances harmful to the company. If a credible employee reports the suspected employee of a theft, the employer may have cause to search the belongings of the employee. As long as the employer remains consistent with its policies regarding searches, the employer remains in the clear for most searches of any employee.

What is the difference between Personnel and employee?

A personnel is the people who work for an employer, and an employee is someone who is paid to work for a person, organization, or company

Can an employer force an employee to use their company health insurance as the employee's primary insurance when the employee already has very good insurance?

No, They can not

Can employer interview Employee about Theft?

Yes. An employer can interview an employee regarding a theft from the company. The employee should carefully review the company policies received at the time of hire and that should be clearly posted at the place of employment. Generally, the employee can choose to have a union representative, lawyer or other person present during the interview or can refuse to be interviewed. However, if they refuse, they may be subject to termination depending on the posted company policy.If an employee is involved in theft from their employer, they should consult with an attorney before being questioned.

Can an employer ask for detailed documented medical information from an existing employee?

It is never okay for an employer to ask an employee for their medical information. To do so is explicitly against the law, and the employee would be well within their rights to sue the boss and the company.

What negative reaction is unlikely to occur if you leave a job sooner than the employer anticipated?

The employer will assume an employee has stolen something from the company.

Is it necessary to join pf for an employee?

If your company has more than 20 permanent employees - Yes.