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I have been wondering the same thing and today I finally reached someone at the unemployment office and got the definitive answer. The unemployment system is a confidential system and even you as the unemployment claims recipient can not get information on yourself about any unemployment claims. That being said, as others have mentioned, it is up in the air as to what your previous employer says about you or just as important doesn't say about you, which could be just as important. I have been having trouble getting a job now while on unemployment and recently performed a background reference check on myself (not inexpensive by the way) in order to find out what past employers and supervisors are saying about me. Everything went fine except for my last supervisor. When questioned he let out a quick laugh and then repeated the company line of not being able to give out a reference and whom to contact. Needless to say I am no longer putting down the exact location I worked at, and just including the main corporate number and a previous supervisor I worked for at the company. In my case it paid to perform this background check, but with a long history it will cost you. Of course if you are only worried about the last job it is more cost effective to do a minimal background. I won't say who I used so you don't think I work for a background checking company, but do research and I am sure you will find plenty that are legit and will do a good job for you.

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Q: Can an employer find unemployment records from the government and dates in a background check and if so how many years back?
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How do you access your unemployment records?

Because unemployment records are confidential, and available to only the claimant and the employer claimed against, you have to contact your state's unemployment office for the information.

Can a future employer find out if you have collected unemployment?

No, a future employer does not have access to your unemployment records unless you talk about it at work. They cannot use that information to make an employment decision.

What do employer look for in a background check?

Good question. Generally, an employer may do a background check on any information that is relevant to the job for which the employer is hiring. To be safe an employer can ask the applicant in writing for permission to do a background check. The employer will want to include all the details of what matters are going to be checked into. If the applicant then refuses to have the check done, the employer may refuse to consider the applicant for the job without being at risk of liability for discrimination.Just to note, an employer cannot inquire about military records, school records, and credit report without your specific consent.

Does employer have access to unemployment compensation records?

We have access only to people to whom we've contributed unemployment. The state has access to that information and uses it to determine how much, if any, employment a claimant is eligible to receive.

Why must employers keep employee records for unemployment benefit claims?

Any time a former employee files for unemployment benefits, the unemployment office must contact the employer to ascertain the reason for the employee leaving his employment. If he were discharged for cause, the employer must prove his case or it goes against his record with the state and the employee qualifies for his benefits.

Do you have to disclose a previous felony arrest if it was deferred or expunged?

Don't know about a 'deferred' offense but for expunged cases - no, you do not. However - if you apply for a government job of any type or with a private employer who will require a US Government Security Clearance - yes, you must. Expunged records are not closed to government background checks.

How long should an employer keep payroll records?

employer keep payroll records maxium 1 year .

What is the background check?

A background check or background investigation is the process of looking up and compiling criminal records, commercial records and financial records of an individual or an organization.

Does your employer own your medical records?


What can you do to get denied unemployment benefits?

The two most common reasons that you would be denied unemployment benefits would be if you do not qualify for them or if your employer has blocked you from receiving them. For instance, the employer may show any of the following that would serve as a bar to collecting unemployment: The employee voluntarily leaves employment without good cause,The employee was involved in a physical altercation, Violations of an employer's drug free work place policy, Excessive absenteeism or tardiness, Intentional and material falsification of employee records

Does an employer have to contact you after a background check?

It is usually a very good sign if they run the background check. Usually companies don't run them on people that aren't going to get the job. They will contact you immediately after doing background check especially if you don't have criminal records. (govpublicaccess)

How far back does an employer check a background?

There is no limit. They can go back as far as they wish. Criminal records don't go away, so that will be present for the entire lifetime of the individual.

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