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Generally insurance coverage should be offered to an employees spouse. It does not matter if they are offered coverage from their employer whereas it provides an additional option in case 1 plan is more affordable than the other.

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Can an employer refuse insurance coverage to a same sex spouse?

Not in the United States or Canada, unless the employer also refuses insurance coverage to opposite-sex spouses.

Does an employer have to provide health insurance to your spouse?

The employer does not have to pay for the spouse's coverage. It can be offered to the employee and the cost taken from his/her paycheck to cover the spouse. There is no legal requirement for the employer to offer coverage for spouses -- even at the employee's expense. However, it would be very unusual for a plan to cover only employees and not have coverage available for spouses and children.

Can an employer deny coverage to spouse who has lost health insurance?

Assuming the employer offers coverage to spouses, then the employer would not have the right to turn a spouse away. The spouse's loss of coverage is a "qualifying event" and the employer's insurer would allow the spouse to join.

Can your husbands company force you to take insurance coverage from your employer?

They can choose not to provide coverage for a spouse. US law states employers have to provide insurance for employee's children under the age of 26, but does not say anything about spouses, so they can choose to stop covering employee's spouses.

What is dual insurance coverage?

some patients have two insurers because both spouses receive coverage through their employer or because they have purchased an HMO policy to supplement the deficiencies of a basic polic, such as Medicare.

Do same-sex married couples get insurance?

If you mean can they buy insurance jointly or insure each other, then the answer is "yes" in states where same-sex marriage is legal. If you mean to ask if an employer will give health, dental, optical insurance benefits to the same-sex spouse, then the answer is this: In states where same-sex marriage is legal, if an employer gives any benefit to the spouses of its workers, then it cannot legally deny that benefit to the spouse of one of its workers merely because his marriage is a same-sex marriage. So the answer is yes. If they extend insurance coverage to spouses, then they must do so to ALL spouses.

How does it work to choose between insurance offered at new job and your spouses employment?

You would have to sign a waiver on your insurance stating that you have prior coverage. Your application that your employer gives you should have that on it. The above answer assumes that you have the right to opt out. Here in CA if your employer pays 100% of the premium you can not opt out even if you are eligible for other group coverage. Often the employer will tell you that they pay 100% (and they actually do) but the plan documents will say that they only pay 99%. This would then allow you to decline coverage.

If you have insurance with your employer and your spouse has insurance on you also which insurance is the primary?

If both you and your spouse have full medical coverage then the insurance compnay will revert back to your and your spouse's date of birth. Whoever's birthdate is first in a calendar year, then that is the primary insurance. For example, if your birthday is November 1, but your spouse's birthday is February 12, then your spouses insurance is primary for both of you.

Can an employee drop their health insurance coverage when it isn't their open enrollment to join their spouses coverage at their spouses open enrollment?

You can but it is unwise because you need to know when you would be covered by the spouse's health plan. Some plans have 3 and 6 monthj waiting periods. So it is wise to keep your insurance, sign up on the spouse's insurance then later on after you have your new coverage in effect you could drop your employer's plan. Some employers however "require" their employees to be covered or are paying for the coverage. Check with your employer about that. Some employers will also refuse to cover you again if you lose your husband's coverage. If the marriage is not is good shape it is a foolish to drop your own coverage in case there is a divorce. Sorry to mention it but is true.

Can you drop insurance with your employer and use your spouses insurance as primary?

yes If you drop your insurance, your spouse's insurance would not be primary. It would be the only insurance you'd have. "Primary" only comes into play if you are covered by more than one policy. You should check carefully before dropping your own insurance. First of all, be sure your spouse can get family coverage through his employer. My employer only offers individual coverage because family coverage is so expensive. Second, if you both have family coverage, keep the policy with the best benefit-to-cost ratio. If your spouse's policy is cheap but has a high deductible, and yours is more expensive but has only fairly small co-pays, you may have reason to chose one over the other. Or, keep the insurance of the spouse whose job is most likely to still exist several years into the future. If I dropped my insurance I would ask my employer to increase my salary since benefits are part of your compensation, and dropping your insurance saves your employer a great deal of money.

What insurance companies pay for ivf for women with tubaligations?

Finding insurance that covers IVF is a challenge all by itself. Most insurance plans do not cover IVF and many other infertility procedures. Fourteen states have laws mandating that certain insurance plans cover infertility treatment - and typically only those forced to offer coverage do so. Check the rules for insurers in the state in which you work. Your best bet is to get coverage through your employer or your spouses employer. If your plan covers IVF at all consider yourself lucky. Check with the insurer about coverage for tubal ligation situations.

Do you have to be married to be on your spouses health insurance plan?

Several insurance companies now have "Domestic Partner" plans available. This includes coverage regardless of gender and/or marrital status. Check with the individual companies to see if they offer the coverage.

Would a DWI affect the coverage of your insurance?

if convicted of dwi insurer can deny coverge for named insured and spouses cars if no lienholder.

How much does the cost of insurance increase after same-sex marriage is legalized?

If you pay your own premium or a portion of the premium, that premium should only increase if you add a spouse to your coverage, regardless of their gender. If your premiums are paid by your employer, then your cost will continue to be zero. If you are an employer who provides coverage to the spouses of employees, then the overall cost of that benefit will increase anytime a spouse is added, regardless of the gender of the spouse. It is important to note that you cannot legally deny the benefit on the basis of sexual orientation in the states where same-sex marriage has been legalized. If you are an insurance provider, then your revenues might increase somewhat and your costs might decrease somewhat, as happens when more people are insured.

Is my Spouses employer required to offer me insurance if I am laid off at my employment?

Each state and healthplan has their own specific rules related to special election periods. You should check with the Department of Insurance for your State. In general, if you were covered under your employers plan and were laid off, you should have the right to continue paying for your plan with your current employer for a period of time unless they went out of business entirely. You should also be eligible to be added to your spouse's plan as a special enrollment period, due to your loss of coverage. You may need to provide a notice of 'Creditable Coverage' indicating the beginning and ending period of your coverage. If you were laid off from your employer, but you were not insured by them to begin with, then you would only be able to enroll with your spouse's employer during their Annual Open Enrollment period.

How do you know if your spouse and child are eligible for the Affordable Healthcare Act?

If your employer offers you medical insurance but does not assist in the premiums for your spouse and children you may be able to get coverage through the exchange. The affordable care act provides coverage for uncovered children and spouses. You will also be assessed for government programs for you and your family. Many find that the programs cost less through the program. Even though you get no subsidy or tax credit for your group coverage you may get these credits for coverage on the rest of your family. You can get the answers at the market place or through an insurance agent certified to provide information on the exchange.

Can people get car insurance if a spouse's license is suspended?

Yes, You can still get auto Insurance on your own.. It is common for people to exclude an unlicensed spouse from from coverage on their Auto insurance Policy. This way you don't get penalized for your spouses driving record.

Are employers in New York obligated to contribute towards insurance premiums for same-sex spouses?

In New York State, effective February 2008, if an employer provides benefits to workers' spouses, then it may not deny the same benefits to same-sex spouses. To do so would be a serious violation of the law and expose the employer to fines and damages. Nevertheless, many employers and workers are not aware of this fact. The courts are and will rule in favor of the worker unless the employer is a religious institution or an agency of the federal government. UPDATE: Same-sex couples are able to legally marry in New York beginning July 24, 2011.

If you and a spouse have different health insurance but have never designated one as primary or secondary could this cause problems when you do designate primary or secondary?

If you have insurance through your employer, and you are the policy holder,(the insurance is in your name) this insurance will be primary for you, and your spouses insurance policy will be secondary. The insurance policy thru your spouse's employer, (your spouse is the policy holder, or the insurance is in their name), this would be primary for your spouse, and your policy would be their secondary. Here's the phamplet from Medicare http://www.medicare.gov/Publications/Pubs/pdf/02179.pdf

I had insurance through your spouses old job but you lost the coverage Presently I do not have access to group coverage through your new job can HIPAA help you as an individual?

Well, I guess you should be eligible for it. Perhaps they might have some issues with individuals with a pre-existing condition.

Does Virginia Law allow spouses to have separate Insurance policies?

Spouses are allowed to carry separate insurance policies, as there are no laws stating otherwise. However, it is generally more cost effective for spouses to carry one together.

A Group Medical Insurance Plan is an Excellent Way to Obtain Medical Insurance Coverage?

Agile Health Insurance makes it simple to choose, compare & apply online for affordable Health Insurance from leading Health Insurance Companies with ObamaCare options, Short-Term Health & Dental Insurance too! cutt.ly/mhBnqDk

What exactly is COBRA insurance?

COBRA is offered to workers who become unemployed through voluntary or involuntary termination of their job, but it is not offered to every terminated employee. Before you do anything, determine your COBRA eligibility by talking to your former employer. Spouses and dependent children are eligible for COBRA coverage through their unemployed family member as long as they were covered before termination occurred.

If you are covered under your spouses insurance and get a job that provides insurance with no lapse in coverage is any medical condition you have considered pre-existing?

No, most states require that pre-existing conditions be waived when moving from a group policy to a group policy. Pre-existing condition clauses apply when the break in coverage is greater than 63 days.

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