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Expunged means removed, therefore the record no longer exist and would not be a factor. If the party had other criminal offenses on record that were not erased then those would appear in background check.

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Why are fingerprint checks required for teachers?

Finger printing is part of the background check process, making sure a prospective teacher is not in any criminal bases.

What is a sentence with fingerprint?

Police took the suspects fingerprint to identify the criminal.

Do southern California Edison do background check for employees?

Yes, criminal background checks

Does WalMart conduct criminal background checks on prospective employees?

Yes walmart cunduct backgroud check on the applicants, as most of the employer now in days.

What is currently used by the FBI to do a DNA fingerprint in a criminal investigation?

An autoradiograph...

What does DNA fingerprint show?

A DNA fingerprint refers to the fact that a person's DNA code is as unique to that person as his/her fingerprint. A person can be implicated for a crime or ruled out as the criminal based on his/her DNA code.

What is the difference between a DNA fingerprint and a fingerprint?

A DNA fingerprint is the unique identification in a person's DNA sequence. This "fingerprint" so to speak can be used in cases such as criminal cases to identify a suspect of a crime. A fingerprint found on the tip of the fingers is caused in the mother's womb when the baby gently presses its hands on the inside walls. This fingerprint is also used to identify an individual because everyone has a different pattern or set of fingerprints. It can be used in a criminal case as well to accuse a suspect of a crime.

What if an FBI fingerprint record comes back stating the record exists when in fact the criminal record is your twin brother's and not yours?

Which RECORD are you referring to? There is a big difference between a FINGERPRINT record and a CRIMINAL record. A fingerprint record simply means that at some time in the past your fingerprints were included in the FBI's files. People are routinely fingerprinted for all sorts of reasons - military service - job applications - gun permits - etc- etc. A criminal record means that a person has a recorded chronological history of criminal activity and it may, or may not, be associated with a fingerprint record.It is an impossibility for both you and your twin to have the same fingerprint patterns.

Will California based company's check for felony that are 10 years?

There's asolutely NO way of telling. Prospective employers are entitled to look as far back in you criminal history as they choose.

How does fingerprint relate to science?

Study of fingerprint and criminal investigation , which also includes blood test , DNA test and hair test , is related to forensic science.

What do you do with the fingerprint when you have it?

Finger prints are used to identification of criminal and also used to identify a person .

Why might a person's fingerprint be on file?

because in case of criminal discoverys they will have their fingerprints already progressed!

When was California Council on Criminal Justice created?

California Council on Criminal Justice was created in 1967.

What are the requirements to be a shuttle driver for a hotel?

In order to become a shuttle driver for a hotel, a valid drivers license is required. Additionally, many employers will want prospective employees to be able to prove that they have a clean driving and criminal record as well.

Can you become a doorman with a criminal record?

Basically, it depends on whether the prospective employer will hire you.

As a current or prospective employee of the criminal justice system you would be well advised to know about collective bargaining?

Collective bargaining knowledge would be useful in criminal justice if you were employed in an agency in which the employees belong to a union. Or as part of your general knowledge needed to do your job in criminal law, i.e. investigating or prosecuting union related crime. It would be very useful in civil law.

How can a finger print change?

You can not change your fingerprint,this is how the police check for the criminal because it's impossible to change

What kind of background checks should a nanny service do on prospective employees?

Typically to work as a nanny service one will be required to undergo a criminal records bureau check, complete a first aid course and provide references from previous employers.

Can employers look at juvenile criminal history tx?

No, not unless the prospective employer is a government agency.

Can you get a fingerprint clearance card after a seven year old felony?

Exactly what is it that you are asking? You CAN get a fingerprint card done. But that is no guarantee of employability. Most jobs that require a fingerprint card to be submitted, are jobs that might not be open to persons with criminal records. So - while you can "get" a fingerprint card done, once the background check is conducted you MAY be eliminated from consideration.

What has the author Harry Diebolt Holloway written?

Harry Diebolt Holloway has written: 'The science of fingerprint classification' -- subject(s): Fingerprints, Ohio, Ohio. State Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation, fingerprint classification

What is a fingerprinting source?

Fingerprinting is a scientific technique based on the fact that each person has a unique, identifying fingerprint. Fingerprint analysis has a variety of uses including criminal investigation, security access and genomic research. For example a fingerprint source could be taken from a crime scene where a thief has used a door. The door handle will hold a record of the theifs fingerprint and when analysed can be compared against a database to see if the criminal has comitted any previous crimes. This makes finding and arresting the suspect much easier. Hope this helps

Where can one find California Criminal Defense Attorneys online?

One can find California criminal defense attorneys online by checking out the website California Attorney Referral. Other options are to look at Legal Match, Legal Help Lawyers and California Criminal Defender.

Is there Statute of limitations in California for criminal arson?

Criminal arson is a felony in California. They have set the limit to bring charges to six years.

How does the us check to see if you have a criminal record?

Usually through fingerprint Scans or if in the case of travels, your passport's RFID chip.