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Can an employer offer guaranteed issue group insurance plan and exclude certain conditions on an individual?


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No, these types of plans can not discriminate. The plan can have specific exclusions but they must be applied equally for all employees.


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"In what class of life insurance are individual life insurance policies issued to members of a group with an employer or other body collecting or remitting the premiums to the insurer?"

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Yes. It is a tax deduction for the employer. Non taxable to the employee. Guaranteed Issue. Makes for happier employees and more productive too.

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Where you covered under an Employer Group or Individual Plan? If Employer Group - they would be eligible for COBRA - If Individual - then just tell the Insurance Company to take you off.

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Generally yes. Most employer coverage is guaranteed issue. If you applied for an individual coverage and were denied for underwriting reasons that should have no effect on the employer plan. In fact, it is common for someone with an uninsurable condition to make the availablility of health insurance a prime consideration when looking for a new job for this very reason.

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Portability means to carry. In the insurance world it means for a person to able to be insurable when leaving one employer to another. As in HIPAA (Health Insurance Portabliity and Accountability Act.) Check out the HIPAA laws all the information that you need is there. A person is guaranteed access to health insurance for small business. Guaranteed renewal of insurance regardless of health status of any member of a group. Guaranteed access for individuals that lose their group coverage due to loss of employment or change of jobs to a company without insurance. And Pre-Existing conditions cannot be imposed for workers with previous coverage and limited conditions treated or diagnosed within six months prior to enrollment in an insurance plan. I hope that helps.

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