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Can an employer require that you take two vacation days before you can use your sick leave?

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Depends. What state are you in? Are a Paid Time Off participant or are your vacation, sick and holiday separate?

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Can an employer force an employee to take a leave of absence with their vacation time?

can an employer force an employee to take a leave of absence with no medical documentation?

What do I do if my employer will not pay me?

If the employer will not pay for hours worked, contact your STATE employment commission. If the employer will not pay for vacation or sick leave, you have no appeal.

How may weeks are allowed off from work are there for the birth of a baby?

In the USA there are no mandatory minimum vacation time / maternity leave laws. So unless your employer voluntarily gives maternity leave (fairly uncommon) or you have vacation days to take, you don't get any time off. In other countries, leave like this will vary. Some countries, like France, require 30 days of vacation for the country's employees. And it offers 16 weeks, up to 26 weeks starting with the 3rd child, of maternity leave. The USA is one of if not the only 1st world nation not to require vacation / leave of almost any type.

Does an employee have to first use up vacation time earned and sick days earned before taking a family medical leave?

It's up to the employer. The US Family and Medical Leave Act allows employers to require that employees use paid leave (i.e. vacation time, "personal days", sick days, etc.) first. You'd need to contact your employer's human resources department to find out what your company policy is.

How do you send a message to your supervisor requesting vacation time?

Your employer will have a documented procedure for how to book leave, follow it.

Do you get paid while on stress leave?

It depends. If you have enough sick time and or vacation time to cover the leave, you can use that. If not, no the employer does not have to pay you. I assume that you are out on FMLA.

Can employer refuse to pay vacation if emplyee was terminated?

This depends on what state you are from but generally, if you have a contract that provides paid vacation leave, or have an employment agreement or policy that gives such, then your employer cannot refuse to pay vacation even if you were terminated. In California, if an employer does have an established policy, practice, or agreement to provide paid vacation, upon termination of employment all earned and unused vacation must be paid to the employee at his or her final rate of pay.

Are employers required to pay sick and vacation leave?

No. If you are working a minimum wage job most offen you will work 20-30 hours a week so your employer doesn't have to give benefits. Even in a 40 hour a week job your employer doesn't have to provide sick leave or vacation time.

Do part time employee get vaction time?

If you mean vacation, then what part- or full-time employees get is entirely up to the employer. No law requires paid time off. Vacation, like paid sick leave, is an unregulated gift from the employer.

Do you get paid your accrued sick time if you are laid off?

sick leave and vacation are unregulated. There is no general answer to your question - it is employer specific.

Does your employer have the right to ask for a reason for vacation day use?

no VAcation is a gift from the employer, who can set any rules for requesting and justifying leave. Certainly race, sex, age, and disability cannot enter into it, but nothing pervents the boss from asking you to justify.

How can an employee avail of the vacation leave provided by a company?

An employee can start to avail of the so called vacation leave or sick leave benefits provided by the company or employer when his/her employment status with the company he/she is currently working already reached the so called regular status

Give you a sentence for the word require?

Do you require anything before I leave? This will require the use of a screwdriver and pliers.

Do you get paid while taking family medical leave act?

No. The Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) provides for 12 weeks of unpaid leave in a 12 month period. Your employer may allow you (or require you) to take vacation or sick leave to cover the time, or may offer a short term disability insurance plan, but there is nothing in any of the federal laws that mandates payment during FMLA leave.

Are employers required to pay vacation time during a Family Medical Leave of absence?

Employers are required to allow the employee granted FMLA leave the decision whether to take it as paid or unpaid. If the employer does not allow vacation pay to be used when on sick leave, it need not abandon that rules for those it grants FMLA.

Can an employer in Colorado refuse to pay an employee for vacation time earned by an employee?

Yes. There is no law that says that an employer actually has to give you any paid vacation in the first place. A vacation, like sick leave, is a perquisite of the job. That's the reason that you must work for a minimum number of days before you are eligible for any time-off. If you resign or are terminated before you take your "earned" vacation, unless the employer chooses to compensate you for it, you simply forfeit the time off and any equivelant in pay because you did not take advantage of the perk attached to the job. As always, there can be exceptions (e.g.: if your employment is covered under a specifically worded contract). For further information contact your State Dept of Labor.

Do employers pay accrued vacation time if laid off in Arizona? I have accrued vacation time/sick time/personal leave days that I will not use before leaving my company. Is the company required to pay me for that time?It depends on where you live. 24 states-Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island (after one year of employment), Tennessee, West Virginia, and Wyoming-and the District of Columbia require that your employer include any unused vacation pay that has accrued (that you would have been entitled to use) in your final paycheck. In the rest of the states, there is no state law that requires your employer to pay you for accrued vacation leave, although your employer may do so voluntarily, or may have to do so if required by a policy or contract.

How can you get leave from being in us military?

Leave is essentially taking vacation. You apply through your chain of command. Most require you to fill out a form and submit it to your section chief.

What are the reasons for vacation leave?

"From the question it self and the word vaction" the reason for having a vacation leave is that you need to have a vacation, right?

Is your current employer allowed to tell a potential employer that you are on a leave of absence?

is my employer allowed to tell a lender that I have been using paid medical leave

Does my employer have to pay my salary if i am on medical leave?

It depends on the employer and country.

What are the regulations on bank employees vacation leave?

Bank employees are entitled to vacation leave that is part of the job. There is not a certain amount of vacation that they have to be given.

How can Dollar tree demote a asst. manager while on sick leave with a doctors note. And not pay the sick leave as well?

An employer does not have to approve an employee's absence or pay the employee for the absence. Sick leave and vacation time are a privilege not a right. If an employee's absenteeism is excessive or considered to disrupt normal business operations, the employer can make necessary adjustments.

Request letter for vacation leave?

A letter to request vacation leave should include the dates of the required time off. The letter should also include alternate dates for the vacation leave.

Can your employer take your sick or vacation time while an employee is off on a work related injury?

There are 2 answers here - if you have filed a workers comp claim and are waiting for it to be approved YOU can elect to use any sick leave/ vacation leave you have - BUT your employer can't just take it without your permission IF your claim has been approved- you should be receiving benefits from comp monthly IF your not Ans your claim has been approved you need to find out why!! Your sick leave has nothing to do with comp benefits. However if you elect to use your sick leave then your employer must reinstate the amount you used or pay you for it. Like I stated earlier - you should be getting a check from workers comp ----