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HELL NO, BY NO MEANS IS THAT LEGAL. On the contrary, a employee that is RESPONSIBLE for a cash float is LEGALLY obligated to make up their cash shortages to the employer. Obviously the better way to do this is to COMMUNICATE with each other, to get the shortage resolved. But in a strictly legal sense the shortage is a DEBT that the employee QWES to the employer. The legal test for this are the following set of questions..............Whose cash was it? Not the workers, but the employers. Who was responsible for it's safety? The worker. Ergo any shortages are the responsibility of the employee to make up. It depends. In the US, if withholding the cash will reduce your pay below minimum wage for the week, then no, they can't. But they CAN write you up or fire you for it, and many employees would prefer to pay the shortage rather than lose their job. That's assuming you are the only person who has access to your till.

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Q: Can an employer withhold money from your check if you have a shortage in your tilt after a work week?
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Can an employer withhold money from your check for property damage?

This varies from state to state. In Maryland, an employer must make an agreement with the employee to have deductions placed on the paycheck.

Can a employer withhold you last paycheck if he fires you under suspicion of theft?

An employer can withhold not a penny of your paycheck without your prior written permission. Not fed taxes, not social security, not 401K or pension. And not money allegedly stolen. Employer pays you in full and then sues you for the theft.

Can money willed by a parent be held by the employer if the fathers name isn't on the birth certificate?

First: paternity can be established by means other than someone's name on a birth certificate. Second: the employer can withhold money only to the extent that a court order directs the employer to do so.

If an employee is fired and doesn't return the office key can the employer withhold money from the employee's check for the office to have new keys made?

No it was up to the owner or manage to ask for the keys back . So that would be a cost from the Manager on Owner ,

Can an employer withhold money due an ex employee while investigating lost paperwork?

Employers must pay workers at least the minimum wage for all hours worked, regardless of promised pay rate. SO an employer can withhold all but the min wage times total hours worked.

Can an employer take money out manager check if register short?

An employer can take money out of the manager check if the register is short. The manager is responsible to make sure the cashier is accurate with their management of the cash.

Can an employer withhold part of your salary for money that has gone missing. until yesterday the money was kept in an envelope in an unlocked drawer 20 plus people a day could have access to?

unless he could prove i took it, i would sue my employer for my wages, and complain to his supervisor immediatly

After a garnishment has been ordered how long before it takes effect and they start taking money in Va?

As soon as your employer receives the official papers directing them to withhold the amount.

Can a employer fire's you can he take your last check?

Not if you don't owe him money. Which state are you in?

Can you withhold someones income tax refund check who owes you money and take them to small claims court for repayment?

ask a judge

What does shortage mean?

A shortage is not having enough of something. You can have a shortage of food or water or money etc.

Does an employer have right to withhold pay?

p Employers cannot withhold money from employe's pay without their written permission - not even fed tax or Social Security or mandatory union dues. Employers authorized to withhold pay cannot reduce your paycheck to less than HOURS WORKED * fed minimum wage.

Texas wage garnishment laws?

In Texas, wages may be garnished for child support, alimony, taxes, and student loans. Garnishment requires your employer to withhold a certain amount of money from your paycheck and then send this money directly to your creditor.

Can you keep the money if an employer over pays you on your last check and what can they do to get it back?

no and just give it back to them

Can employer withhold your paycheck if you owe them money?

Depends on how much. If you owe them more than your paycheck, then yes, they can do that. The more logical way is to take a small piece out of the paycheck every pay day.

Is it legal for an employer to keep money that was withheld from an employee check?

Not enough information is given. Withheld for WHAT reason?

What is 'being bonded' by an employer?

Passing a background check that shows that you have no criminal history that implies that you are untrustworthy with money.

What do you do if you lent your employer money and you were laid off?

If you lent your employer money and were laid off, you ask your employer for your money back! If you do not get it back you sue him in a court of law.

In a car repossession does the bank have the right to withhold money from your paycheck?

Yes. Best thing to do is make good enough payment arrangements than have them take your money that way. The bank will send your employer a court order to garnish your wages. And they will do that until paid in full.

Is it legal for employer to count waitress tip money?

It is illegal for an employer or manager to count and get waitress' tip money. If the employer or manager collects these, employee can sue employer for theft.

Can they hold your check if you dont write a letter of resignation?

In the United States, an employer cannot legally withhold a departing employee's paycheck; in some states, the employer must pay the employee all of the wages due him on his last day. There may be a narrow exception in some jurisdictions for cases in which the company loaned or advanced money to the employee, and there is no way to recoup the loan except by a deduction from the final paycheck. But an employer cannot withhold a paycheck from an employee simply because he did not write a letter of resignation. If this happens, an employee should file a complaint with his state's Department of Labor. The employer may subject to fines. For specific information about your state, visit the Labor Law Talk forums and look for your state's discussion board.

Can an employer in Louisiana deduct an overpayment from the employee's final paycheck?

Yes. Otherwise, how would they get their money, what check should they deduct it from?

Can a employer deduct money from your check for lost equipment?

Yes, especially if the equipment was originally checked out to you and you signed a responsibility paper for it.

What happens if an employer did not withhold federal income taxes from your checks even after being questioned as to why not?

Its pretty simple "You owe money to the FED. GOV no matter what" consequences of that scenario is you will have to pay to IRS when you file you're taxes at end of the year.

Can you get the money taking out of your check back when you quit a job?

Probably not. Your employer will not give you back the money taken out of your check for taxes. You may be able to get part of that back from the government when you fill out a tax form. Whether or not you will be able to get back other money depends on why it was taken out.

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