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Can an ex-felon obtain a car dealers license in the state of Texas?

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In Texas, an ex-felon can obtain a car dealers license. However, the state requires the felony to have occurred at least 3 years prior from sentence, probation, or parole.

2014-10-07 01:58:23
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How do you obtain a Texas dealers license?

i would like to obtain a dealers license in reside in texas, what is the first step in this process.

Where do you get a wholesale car dealers license in Texas?

Wholesale car dealers license in Texas are issued by the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles, motor vehicle division. Dealers must also register with the Texas Department of Transportation for a GDN or general distinguishing number.

How do you get a wholesale furniture buying license in Texas?

To get a wholesale furniture buying license in Texas, you must obtain a resale license. To get a reseller's license you first have to enroll with the Texas tax department, to obtain a Sales Tax ID number.

How many cars required to retail in texas for a retail license?

If you sell over 4 vehicles you must have a dealers license in Texas.

How can you obtain a Texas liquor license?

You can obtain a Texas Liquor License or TABC certification through taking a course online by a TABC approved school.

Requirements to get an auto dealer license in Texas?

tax id and dealers license form the tax office.

How do you obtain a Texas Landscape Contractor License?


How many cars can you sell in Texas without having a dealers license?


How do you obtain a dismantlers license in Texas?

i have no idea, I have the same problem!

How can I obtain a Daycare License?

How to obtain a license depends on the state you live in. In Texas, you go through the Department of Family and Protective Service and request an application for an Administrator License.

Can a convicted felon in Texas obtain a barber license?

In some cases, a convicted felon may be able to obtain a barber license in Texas. The Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation will review each application and approve or deny accordingly.

Where do you obtain a Texas marriage license?

They are kept at the local County Courthouse.

Can you use a Texas marriage license to get married in Georgia?

No. You must obtain a valid license in the jurisdiction where you will be married.

Where do you get a business license in the state of Texas?

In Texas, you obtain a business license from the County Clerk where the business will be located. A business license in Texas is referred to as an "Assumed Name" license. Many of the counties in Texas have websites where you can search existing licenses and even apply online. You can use the free website "Free Public Records Directory - Texas Business Licenses" to access either the contact information or the direct link to each County Clerk in Texas to obtain the business license information that you will need.

Suspended drivers license in Ohio how to obtain Texas driver license?

Wait for the Ohio suspension period to expire.

What age to obtain a Texas Drivers License in 1965?

14 with driver's education

Where can I attain my general contractor license in Texas?

To obtain your license you can start by visiting the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation, there you will find the necessary application. (this is also vilable at their website)

How do you obtain license plates for a used car in Texas?

Go the county tax office

How do you can obtain a car dealer license in Arlington Tx?

You go to the Texas bmv and ask them

Can a convicted felon obtain a real estate license in Texas?

no, any other questions

How many cars can you sell in Texas a year without a dealers license?

only 51, kind of a weird number though.

When can a person born in 1994 get a drivers license in Texas?

A person in the state of Texas must pass a written and driving test to be issued a drivers license. A person that was born in 1994 can obtain a drivers license if these tests are passed.

Do you need a motorcycle license to drive a scooter in Texas?

You must obtain a motorcycle license to drive a scooter in Texas. In addition, all motorized vehicles must pass a yearly inspection.

How do you obtain auto license in Texas?

Goto your local DMV, take Written, then drivers Tests.

How canI get a copy of my deceased fathers marriage license in Texas?

You can obtain a certified copy of his marriage license from the county clerk's office in the county where his marriage license was issued.