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YES, IF YOU ARE ON THE CONTRACT. but that also means you have rights to the car as well as the ex spouse....if he lets the car get repossessed it will also effect your credit.... we have live consultants that can help you with this specific situation try our website


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Q: Can an ex-spouse be responsible for a repossessed car also if they are the first one on the contract?
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Can a car be repossessed if the owner dies before the first payment is due?

The car can be repossessed. The estate is responsible to return the vehicle and resolve the lease or loan.

Can a vehicle get repossessed if your first payment is 15 days late?

Read the fine print of your contract carefully. I have never heard of a vehicle leasing/purchasing contract NOT having a first payment default clause.

If your car is repossessed can they take your house if you do not pay?

NO, they can "attach" the house so that IF you ever sell it, they will be paid FIRST out of the sale proceeds. READ your contract to see what you agreed to when you borrowed the money.

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Where can repossessed cars be bought?

Repossessed cars may be purchased from many car dealerships some specialize in repossessed vehicles and others may have the occasional defaulted payment. Another great place to find repossessed cars is with a financial institution, there are many people struggling, taking credit, the car is often the first thing repossessed when the loan is called in.

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If you cosign on a loan and they don't pay the bill and the car gets repossessed are you able to go after the primary debtor in court to make them responsible for any outstanding debt?

No. You cosigned on the loan. You are the bank's back-up payment if the first person defaults on payment and you become responsible. That is why it is very important that you trust the person you cosign for or you have the funds to pay for the car if they default. If you pay for the car, it becomes yours. Before it was repossessed, the bank should have notified you in writing. Then you have the option to take the car and pay for it. Both credits will by hurt substantially.

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Can your car be repossessed after being late a few days?

It can be. but generally wont be unless its your first payment.

What happens to repossessed cars?

Repossessed cars are typically cleaned up and resold on a dealers lot. However, if the lienholder (the person who repossessed it) feels that it will cost too much to restore the vehicle to a sellable status, they will just put it in an auction and take whatever they can get for it. Repossessed cars are first examined fully to determine the remaining value of the car. If the car is suitable for repossession, it will be resold to another person for a discounted price.

Can you remove your custom wheels from a car that has been repossessed?


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What is the right to cure law?

check it out! There are different laws in different states. The ones I am familiar with send the right to cure letter the first time the payment is 45 days late. It states that you may continue the contract if you make up the delinquent payments within 20 days. If you do not make these payments, the car can be repossessed on the 21st day. If you do make the payments and reinstate the contract, the car may be repossessed anytime you are in default - and that means even one day late - without giving you any additional notice.

What rights does a person have when personal items go missing from a repossessed vehicle?

First, you have the burden of proof it was in the vehicle. This is nearly impossible unless you have photos of it in there as they took it. Judges are not sympathetic to those repossessed as there are so many who claim valuables lost while in impound or when repossessed. You will likely not be paid anything. Sorry, but the way the cookie crumbles.

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If your truck was repossessed without contacting the cosigner first to give them the option to pay did they do anything wrong?

First, READ your CONTRACT. See any violations? then read the top of the page where you posted and put your state in your message. Then you can get state specific info. sorri, I can't read minds.PS, how do you KNOW they didnt contact the co-signor? Maybe the co-signor told them where you were??

Can my car be repossessed while its parked in my yard in Virginia?

Yes, repossessions can (and often do) occur on private property. There are limitations imposed on the recovery agents, and they know how to plan accordingly. IMO, better that car (which is actually the lien holder's, which is why it can be repossessed in the first place) be repossessed while you're at home than while you're out in public somewhere and left stranded.

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