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Q: Can an exclamatory sentence be a command also?
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What are the four types of a sentence?

Declarative sentence(Telling someone something, something that doesn't need an answer.) Imperative sentence(A command or a request) Interogative sentence(A question) Exclamatory sentence( something with an exclamatory mark at the end of the sentence)

If an imperative sentence ends with an exclamation mark is it imperative or exclamatory?

An imperative sentence is a command or suggestion. It does not become an exclamatory sentence just because it ends in an exclamation mark. An exclamatory sentence expresses emotion or fervor, and may be declarative or interrogative (for example, a strong statement or an hysterical question).

What type of sentence where did he go declarative interrogative exclamatory command?


Is the sentence Do you know where nebraska is Is it a declarative interrogative or a command or a exclamatory?

You are asking a question- that is an interrogative,

Is this sentence a declarative interrogative exclamatory or a command. what time did you see the movie this weekend.?


A sentence with the word exclamatory?

exclamatory sentence is very useful. You left him there? Real Exclamatory.

Is wow an exclamatory sentence?

"Wow!" would be an exclamatory sentence.

Is Look out below an exclamatory sentence?

Yes, "Look out below!" is an exclamatory sentence.

What a beautiful garden it is is exclamatory sentences?

Yes,'What a beautiful garden' is a exclamatory sentence.

Use the word exclamatory in a sentence?

his sentences were not Exclamatory. The news was exclamatory for everyone.

What is a exclamatory sentence for familiar?

an exclamatory sentence is a sencence with an exclamation mark at the end or an overly exciting sentence

Is the following sentence a declarative interrogative or exclamatory sentence He huffed and he puffed and blew the house down?

If you mean "Is the following sentence a declarative, interrogative, or exclamatory sentence, 'He huffed and he puffed and he blew the house down!' ?" Then it would be an exclamatory sentence.

Is here it is a declarative interrogative exclamatory or a command?

It means command

Is the sentence ''i thought so'' an interrogative sentence?

no it is an exclamatory sentence

After the ceremony was over everyone went out to celebrate is that sentence declarative interrogative imperative or exclamatory?


What is an example of an exclamatory sentence using the word happening?

This is an example of an exclamatory sentence using the word happening!

Why is an exclamatory sentence called and exclamatory sentence?

because someone is exclaming something to someone

What does an imperative and an exclamatory look like?

an exclamatory sentence is a sentence that show sudden or strong feeling example: oh my that monster is crazy!an imperative sentence is one that gives a command or makes a request example 1: fret not thyself because of evildoers.example 2: give me liberty or give me death!

What does declarative interrogative imperative and exclamatory mean?

Delarative, interrogative, imperative, and exclamatory are types of sentences.A declarative sentence states something and ends with a period. "I went to the park today."An interrogative sentence asks a question and ends with a question mark. "Is it going to rain today?"An imperative sentence gives a command or a request and ends with a period. "Get me some more paper, please."An exclamatory sentence is said with feeling and expression/emotion and ends with an exclamation point. "Don't step on the hot coals!"

Types of sentence compliments?

Declarative (statement) Imperative (command) Interrogative (question) Exclamatory (exclamation[!])

What are the different types of sentences?

The three types of sentences are: declarative, exclamatory, imperative, and interrogative.A declarative sentence is about facts: The sky is blue today.An exclamatory sentence shows strong feelings and has an exclamation mark. Help!An imperative sentence is a command or request. Please come here now.An interrogatory sentence is a question. Can I use your pen?

Use exclamatory in a sentence?

like this? Hello! or this? An exclamatory sentence is blah blah blah.... Which one???

What is the difference between declarative interrogative exclamatory and imperative sentences?

A declarative sentence states a fact or description about something. (e.g. The ball is red.) An interrogative sentence is a question. (e.g. What color is the ball?) An exclamatory sentence uses expression or voice to present information. (e.g. I'm so excited you are coming.) An imperative sentence issues a command. (e.g. Go get the ball. Don't run in the hallway.)

The cannon boomed loudly over the Mississippi River Is this sentence declarative or exclamatory?


What is an lead-in-sentence?

exclamatory sentence with lead metal