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If such action is taken the application for citizenship will become null and void and the non-citizen will have to wait the required three years before he or she can refile under the marital requirements. The person may also be subject to deportation action if they have not been granted permanent resident status.

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Q: Can an illegal alien who is applying for residency through marriage with a US citizen divorce and marry another US citizen while the paperwork is processing?
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What is the process for out of state marriages?

The first step is to research the marriage laws in the state the marriage will take place. Some states like New York, have residency requirements, which do not allow out of state residents to apply for a marriage license. However, Hawaii, Las Vegas. Florida, and California do not have waiting periods or residency requirements. The next step involves applying for a marriage license and paying the appropriate fee.

If you got married in another country but never filed the paperwork here in NY is the marriage legal?

If you have a copy of your paperwork, your marriage is legal.

Is there a residency requirement for same-sex marriage in Canada?

No. The requirements for marriage in Canada are the same for any couple, same-sex or not. The laws vary from province to province, but all provinces permit same-sex marriage and no province has a residency requirement.

Do they do warrant checks when applying for a marriage license?


How long after the wedding can i wait to file legal marriage paperwork?

If you don't want to actually be married, you never have to file it. But understand - you are not married without the legal paperwork and marriage certificate. What's keeping you from doing it?

Can a permanent resident marry an undocumented alien and grant them residency?

No. Only the country's immigration department can grant a person residency. However, marriage to a permanent resident may assist the alien in their application to residency.

If a person enters the country illegally with the intention of receiving asylum but is denied then marries a US citizen what will happen when applying for the residency through marriage?

Once you are officially married to an American citizen, you can not be deported from the country, unless you engage in a criminal offense.

Is same-sex marriage possible between a Canadian and Filipino citizen in Canada?

Yes. Canada has no residency requirement for marriage.

Is same-sex marriage legal in Las Vegas for non-residents?

Yes. There is no residency requirement for marriage in Nevada.

If a marriage is listed in a newspaper under marriage licenses that were filed does that mean the are legally married or they just got the paperwork for a marriage?

It does not mean the marriage has taken place. The license must be properly executed for the marriage to be legal.

Can you get a marriage license in Ohio with a warrant?

There is no restriction on getting a marriage license. You may get arrested when applying for the license.

Where can a Japanese man marry an American man who lives in a state where same-sex marriage is not legal so they can legally reside together in Japan?

You can marry in any US state that permits same-sex marriage. (There is no citizenship or residency requirement for marriage in any US state.) But, a same-sex marriage will not assist you in obtaining legal residency in Japan.

Can your wife travel to the states on a proxy marriage certificate to start her visa paperwork?


How do you register a Mexican marriage in Germany?

Bring an official marriage license with a government seal to a local Standesamt (registry office) and complete the paperwork there.

If you never filed your paperwork in NY but got married in Barbados is the marriage legal?

If you have your marriage papers from any governmental unit in the world, you are legal.

How do I get a marriage certificate?

You have to go to the courthouse of your city to obtain a marriage certificate. You must have the signature of you and your boyfriend, and you also must fill out an assortment of paperwork.

Can you get arrested while applying for a marriage license?

I haved applied for marriage liscense in harris and Galveston county and i did not get arrested.

Is my marriage legal if married in Jamaica and live in Georgia?

Yes, a marriage is legal if you are married in Jamaica and live in Georgia. Any marriage is legal as long as the proper paperwork was filed with the court.

Can you fly to Australia and marry your fiancee without applying for a marriage visa?


If a person overstays their visa and gets married to a citizen then applies for permanent residency based on marriage will they be sent home?

No, both my marriages were like the one you described. They will get their residency regardless.

Is a Las Vegas marriage valid in the UK?

Provided you had paperwork - yes its validity would be recognized

If you got your marriage license in Vegas and were married there is there anything else you need to do as far as changing your last name in the state of your residency which is Nebraska?

You only need you proof of marriage. You should have a certificate of marriage.

Can marriage be null and void if they separate after 30 days of marriage?

No, one must file the necessary paperwork (such as annullment papers or divorce papers). Separation is not enough.

How many years of marriage to us citizen before applying for citizenship?


Can an ordained catholic deacon perform a marriage blessing?

Yes, a deacon can validate a marriage, bless a marriage, and perform a marriage ceremony, all with proper paperwork to ensure the marriage is valid. He is licensed by the state to perform marriage ceremonies and has faculties to do so by the church by virtue of his ordination, with the delegation of his pastor.