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No, not legally.

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Q: Can an illegal immigrant get a social security number?
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Can illegal immigrant get social security number?


Does an illegal immigrant need a tax id number for social services?

social security number

Is it possible for an illegal immigrant to get social security?


You are a immigrant but you have a social security card are you illegal?


How do you refinance a mortgage if you are an illegal immigrant and have no social security number?

You cannot refinance a mortgage if you don't already have a mortgage, so how did you get a mortgage if you are an illegal immigrant with no social security number? You should attain legal status first.

Can an illegal immigrant with a social security number renew a drivers license?

An illegal immigrant with a social security number may be able to renew a drivers license. However, there is no sure fire way to know whether or not this would work, simply because it is possible that they could get caught.

Can an illegal immigrant get Social Security benefits?

Yes, I have had friends who received Social Security and food stamps and they were illegal immigrants. They were very pleasant people and hard workers but they were also illegal.

Does an illegal immigrant get social security?

not if they do not have citizenship or possibly have a higher chance of it if they are applying for citizenship.

How do you marry an illegal immigrant in New Jersey if they don't have Social Security number or any form of ID except college ID?


Do an illegal immigrant need a social security number to marry a Canadian citizen in the US?

No. You do not need a social security number to get married in California. But you MUST have some sort of identification document, such as your passport, etc., to identify yourself.

Can an illegal alien get a social security number?

No because it is illegal.

Can you get a social security number if you are illegal?

No. not legaly.

How do illegal immigrants get a Social Security number?

Illegal immigrants can get social security numbers by stealing other peoples identitys.

Is a an immigrant's alien number the same as their Social Security number?

No, they are completely different issues.

In New Jersey is your marriage to an illegal immigrant valid if he does not have a Social Security number?

If a license was obtained and a marriage performed according to the laws of the state then it is legal.

How does an illegal immigrant obtain a drivers license?

They don't. You will need a Social security number, birth certificate, and various other points of ID. Good luck.

What are the signs of a illegal immigrant?

Social Security Cards (though they can be faked) are the widely accepted means of verifying citizenship.

How does an illegal immigrant get a marriage license without an id?

They must have some legal document proving who they are. Such as a drivers license from their hometown, birth certificate, passport or social security number.

Can illegal person get a job at stores?

If you have a fake social security number...

If you are getting married and you are an illegal immigrant what other document could you show instead of the social security card?

I guess refugees statuus.

Can illegal immigrants receive any govt benefits?

No. Most people assume that because they see an immigrant at a welfare office or social security adm, they are illegal and they are collecting benefits of some sort. Fact is, no illegal immigrant can receive government benefits.

How do i get a person's social security number?

You need to get that person and take them to the DPS for a new social security card. Getting a persons social security without their permission is illegal.

Why are illegal aliens getting social security?

No illegal aliens are getting social security. Only workers who pay into social security will get benefits from it.

Can an immigrant who is out of status but still in the country get a drivers license They got a social security number when they were in status in college?


Is social security paid to illegal immigrants?

No. Social Security is ONLY paid to legal citizens of the United States. Because, in order to get it, you need a social security number, which illegal aliens are not entitled to have until they are legal. So no, they are not allowed to have it.