Can an illegal immigrant vote?

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Yes and No. Voting can only be done by registering, which requires being a citizen or permanent resident with a green card. If a person is undocumented, they can not legally vote. To vote on a national level you must be a citizen. Currently (2013), legal non-citizens are allowed to vote on a local level in only a handful of municipalities but there is a push to allow it in more locations.
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What is illegal immigration?

By definition, illegal immigration is migration of people across national borders in a way that violates the immigration laws of the destined country. The goal is generally upward mobility. Illegal Immigration is common in areas such as the United States, Britain, France, and most of the well know ( Full Answer )

Is illegal immigration good?

no. Added: A nation that cannot, or will not, control its own borders ceases to be a sovereign country.

What is an illegal immigrant?

An illegal immigrant is a person that has broken the law byentering or remaining in another country in violation of the lawsof that country.

Why is immigration illegal?

It isn't. There is a specialized system for legal immigration. Coming into a country without following that process is illegal.

Are Hispanics illegal immigrants?

Some are and some aren't. Do not make the assumption that all Hispanics are illegals. The term Hispanic refers to all Spanish people. Do not equate Hispanic with Mexican, which is basically all the media talks about. There are countless Hispanics in the US that entered the country legally. Also be a ( Full Answer )

How much is an illegal immigrants salary?

many illegal workers work hard and leave everything behind to come to The United States for a dream of a better life. The fact that many people take advantage just of the fact that they dont have legal papers they sometimes pay them 4 - 5 per hour and working from 6 in the morning to almost 8 at nig ( Full Answer )

What rights do Illegal Immigrants have?

Even though they are considered Illegal Immigrants, they still hace a strong set of rights that our constitution provides them. Our constitution clearly states the following "Nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property without due process of law; nor deny to any person withi ( Full Answer )

Illegal immigration solutions?

We are all illegal immigrants, I personally believe that we should give them amnesty and accept them into our country. Plus by giving them amnesty they can start paying taxes which they don't do now. Or because they left their country due to poor living situations, we could increase foreign aid to o ( Full Answer )

Marriage license illegal immigrant?

If you are an illegal immigrant that is seeking for a marriage license... 1. Find someone you wanna share your life with 2. Go to city hall and get your marriage license 3. Find a lawyer to help you apply for I-70 spouse visa 4. Become Green Card resident to US

Is it true that illegal immigration is being allowed since most illegal immigrants support Socialist Democratic candidates and many of them will end up becoming legal residents and eventually voting?

The difference between a socialists and a democrat is quite significant. They aren't the same thing. \n. \nI don't think that is true since history shows that most illegal immigrants do NOT become legal residents. Many illegal immigrants are more concerned about supporting family back home than sup ( Full Answer )

Why are immigrants illegal?

Immigrants are only considered "illegal" in the United States if they unlawfully came into the country. Other countries do not consider people to be illegal under any circumstance, and the UK has even banned the term "illegal immigrant" to be used in public speeches or news outlets.

Why do you have illegal immigration?

People from the poorest countries often believe life will be better somewhere else. So they try to leave their country to find work and seek a better life. Some apply for a visa and come to the more developed countries like England, Israel, Turkey, or the United States; but others cannot afford the ( Full Answer )

Are the illegal immigrants dangerous?

That is like asking-"are Chinese people dangerous?" or "are Americans dangerous?" there are dangerous people all over the world.

What should you do about illegal immigrants?

If they can provide proof of work or a job offer, we should give them visas. They are benefiting our economy if they are working (and of course buying our goods). Visas can be renewed, but after they expire the immigrants must return home. This way, we keep up our reputation of being somewhat humani ( Full Answer )

Is it illegal not to report an illegal immigrant?

It is not illegal. A person would face prison and fines if they HELP a person in that circumstance. There is a difference between simply being indifferent and actively and knowingly harboring fugitives. Very few crimes have mandatory reporting laws.

How many illegal immigrants in australia?

The Australian Population is mainly filled with illegal immigrants. To calculate the non-illegal immigrants you must take into consideration the population of Aboriginals from the population of Australia.

What are synonyms for illegal immigrants?

tonk, day crosser, expatriate, alien, criminal, sans papier, clandestine workers if you really look hard you can find some good synonyms.

What are problems with Mexican illegal immigration?

People are mainly unhappy with the illegal immigration because they feel it takes their jobs, money, and over-populates the country. I'm sure there are many other reasons..

Is marrying an illegal immigrant legal?

Marrying a citizen is not enough to get citizenship. If themarriage was done to get citizenship and there was no love orcommittment, the marriage is illegal.

When were immigrants illegal?

Whenever they cross the border illegally; meaning they do not pass the legal entry points and they do not possess appropriate documents.

How can an illegal immigrant get his status to legal?

I was on the Internet when I was applying for someone who has been there..nothing. I hired a lawyer. However, the immigration site has improved. Time is of the essence. The site now tells you what forms (and costs). Depends on what status you file your application

What does it mean to dream about an illegal immigrant?

The issue of illegal immigration is in the media constantly right now, and is a major problem around the world. So a dream about illegal immigration or undocumented immigrants would not be surprising or unusual. But dreams are about the dreamer, so this dream suggests that the dreamer is trying to g ( Full Answer )

Are all illegal immigrants illegal?

YES! In the USA, it is a felony to enter the USA without prior permission. It is a separate felony to use fake ID to obtain a job or any government benefit. ALmost all illegal aliens in America are double felons.

How did illegal immigration happen?

that's how America was founded. we illegaly migrated from England,stole this land, and stop other people from comming in. so technically we are all illegal to the natives

Are illegal immigrants from Mexico murdering?

In general terms, no. The people who usually do murder Americans and Mexicans alike are those who smuggle them into US territory, known as coyotes or polleros . These people by the way, are Mexican-Americans.

Can an illegal immigrant fly to Hawaii?

Travel to Hawaii from another state or US territory does not require a passport, HOWEVER it does require the display of valid identification in order to be allowed to board a regularly scheduled airline. You take your chances.

What does Mexico do with illegal immigrants?

Mexico arrests, detains and deports foreigners illegally present in that country. Mexico similarly prosecutes holders of tourist visas that violate the stated terms of their visas, including with respect to working, overstaying, or attempting to influence local politics. It is said that, each year, ( Full Answer )

Is it illegal to rent out an apartment to an illegal immigrant?

No. Current law (Federal and State) does not preclude an illegal immigrant from renting a place. Apartment managers are not required to request documentation of legal status. For example... suppose you have a person enter the US legally and decide to rent an apartment for a few months. Is he here le ( Full Answer )

Can illegal immigrants play sports?

yes they can because they live in vans for 2 to 6 days with no water or food and they survive. they could probably jump off of a cliff and survive.

Are asylum seekers illegal immigrants?

No, if you are asylum seeker and your case in the process - YOU ARE NOT ILLEGAL. When I applied to USCIS for political asylee status, it took 7 weeks to get granted approval status. I was lucky and get that without problems and time delays. But, if they transfer your case to Immigration Court, it t ( Full Answer )

Is it illegal to marry an illegal immigrant?

No, it is not illegal, but it doesn't give that person a citizenship. To do that you need to file the right papers with immigration which may be hard since they are illegal.

Is it illegal to rent to illegal immigrants in Texas?

Yes, very. Landlords should only accept applications from people with "Verifiable Income" and illegal aliens can not ever verify their income. I own an apartment building and I do not and will not rent to anyone that is or ever was an illegal alien. This is posted on a website since I have a vacan ( Full Answer )

Where can you find illegal immigrants for marriage?

I'm not sure if you're asking, "I would like to marry an illegal immigrant, where can I find one"? If so, ask around (friends/family/friends of friends), people are looking to marry into country's, and become legal citizens. Though my understanding of your question may be wrong, I tried to answer ( Full Answer )

Why should you strengthen illegal immigration?

Illegal immigration should be strengthened so that the jobs go to people who are citizens. Also, many illegals use resources from the government and states that could help citizens.

Can Illegal immigrants Vote in Presidential Elections?

Legally no, but most states require no photo id, no proof or residency, nor can they ask a person immigration status. In other words, I'm sure it happens as there is nothing to prevent them from voting. There are an estimated 180,000 illegal immigrants registered to vote in Florida alone (google it) ( Full Answer )

Why are illegal immigrants illegal?

In order to enter one country a person from another country often requires some documentation. If they do not have it, they can often be immediately sent home. Sometimes a person manages to get into a country without the correct documentation. Sometimes a person will stay longer than the period thei ( Full Answer )

What an illegal immigrant?

An "illegal immigrant" is any person who enters the country in violation of the nation's laws, or remains in the country without authorization to do so. This would include people who cross the borders without going through a Customs and Border Patrol checkpoint, or people who have temporary or touri ( Full Answer )