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No you should be deported

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There is absolutely no chance for an illegal person who has been convicted to become a US citizen. US citizenship requires a person to be of a good moral character.

no, the person is an illegal immigrant, not a felon

Unfortunately, an illegal alien can not become an US citizen if they have been deported before. If they have a felony, they can't become a US citizen either.

No. The "unlawfully present" foreign national must voluntarily return to his or her country of origin or be deported and the citizen spouse must apply for their reentry under the USCIS spousal requirements. FYI, marrying a US citizen for the purpose of obtaining permanent resident status and/or citizenship is a federal felony and is punishable by a maximum $250,000 fine and maximum 5 year prison sentence for any or all involved parties if convicted.

No. In most cases it is no longer possible for a foreign national who is unlawfully present within the US to be sponsored for permanent residency or citizenship by a citizen spouse regardless of having a criminal history or not. Any foreign national either legally or illegally within the US is subject to deportation if convicted of a federal or state felony.

NO. If they are in the U.S. illegally, they should be arrested and detained when entering court building, and compensating them for services is a federal felony under Title 8 USC.

if an immigrant gets an aggrivated felony while in the US, they can and will have their residency taken away

I don't understand your question. Marriage fraud to violate immigration law is illegal and a felony. It is illegal to marry someone to make them legal. It is not illegal to marry an illegal immigrant because you love them. It is not illegal for you to immigrate your illegal spouse...assuming that the marriage is legitimate. It is illegal to mar them.

There is a misconception that marrying a U.S. citizen will automatically confer citizenship to the foreign spouse that however is not the case. The spouse will be given a different priority classification for obtaining permanent residency and/or citizenship, but the required USCIS procedures must be followed to apply for such status and the person must also qualify under the immigration laws. For example if the person has experienced legal problems such as a criminal felony conviction, marriage will not negate the affect it has on a USCIS decision. Information pertaining to laws governing an illegal foreign national' status can be found on the website of the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services,

can a canadian citizen sponsor his wife who is an american citizen if the candian citizen has a felony on his record

He was an illegal immigrant who committed a felony in the USA & after release he was told to kick rocks. He is dillusional and claims he is a Triple OG.

In 1986 Congress passed the Immigration Marriage Fraud Amendment. This act sets the penalties imposed on persons who enter into fraudlent marriages to obtain resident status for a foreign national. Both parties can be charged with a federal felony which carries a 2-5 year federal prison sentence and a maximum of $250,000 fine. After serving the imposed sentence the foreign national will be permanently deported and the U.S. citizen will have a record of a federal felony conviction.

If charged and convicted both parties are subject to a maximum of 5 years in a federal facility and a maximum of a $250,000 fine. Once the imposed sentence has been served the foreign national will be permanently deported to his or her country of origin and the US citizen will have a permanent record of having been convicted of a federal felony.

Can a us citizen with a past felony conviction visit the Philippines.?

You can marry an immigrant that has a felony in the US. A marriage license does not require a background check. However, the Immigration department will complete a background check and may dismiss theÊindividual with the felony from living legally in the US.

No. Only if she was a felon would she have problems with citizenship; as it is, you will have enough issues given that she is an illegal alien and assumably already in the country.

Even American citizens who have never been convicted of anything cannot give citizenship to an immigrant. There are only four ways to become an American citizen: # Be born in the United States, # Be born anywhere but have parents who are citizens, # Complete the legal process for becoming a citizen, including meeting residency requirements, taking the test and reciting the oath, # Be made a citizen by special Act of Congress.

If the marriage is legitimate the citizen spouse will not encounter any problems with authorities. If the foreign national spouse was not permanently deported, the citizen spouse can apply for his or her reentry once the imposed time limit has expired. If the marriage is found to be one of 'convenience' the sole purpose being to enable the immigrant spouse to obtain permanent residency and citizenship, the citizen spouse can be found charged with committing a federal felony. If such is the case, the best option for the citizen spouse is to retain (or at least obtain) legal counsel from a qualified immigration attorney, and refrain from discussing the matter with anyone (especially authorities) until that has been done.

Yes, felony if you get caught

It is not possible for an illegal alien who has been deported to become a US citizen. Certain crimes will put a short term bar on the aliens from applying for a visa to enter the US. Even if they manage to get a visa, it will be very difficult to become a US citizen. Their past felonies and deportation charges will act against their citizenship application.

Felony Possession of a Schedule I Controlled Substance (illegal drugs, in other words) Felony Possession of a Schedule I Controlled Substance (illegal drugs, in other words)

An illegal person who has been convicted can't get a visa for life, but all depends what kind of felony he had committed

Blackmail is illegal no matter what the reason. It's a felony

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