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Simply, No.

Here is my reference.

2009-09-28 02:52:22
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Q: Can an incidental beneficiary sue directly to enforce a promisor's promise?
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Can an incidental beneficiary sue directly to enforce a promisee's promise?

No. Only intended beneficiaries and contract parties can sue for breach of contract.

What does third party beneficiary imply?

The phrase "third party beneficiary" is used in contracts. What it refers to is a person who is not a party of the contract but has legal rights to enforce or benefit from the contract.

Is enforce an adverb?

No, enforce is a verb.

Why do people need court?

To settle disputes and to enforce laws.To settle disputes and to enforce laws.To settle disputes and to enforce laws.To settle disputes and to enforce laws.

What are your legal rights when the condo board refuses to enforce the by-laws regarding noisy co-owners and their dog?

Answer this question...Many Governing Documents of common interest developments allow owners to enforce the documents directly if the board isn't doing their job.

How can I enforce a judgment?

Do search on Writ of Execution or enforce judgment.

How do you use enforce in a sentence?

The police are here to enforce the law.

A sentence for the word enforce?

Police officers enforce the law.

Can you show an example of the word 'enforce' in a sentence?

The city sent more police to the ghetto to enforce the law there.

Does the WTO Enforce banking regulations?

we wish they also enforce in Pakistan

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Police officers enforce the laws of their community.

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A teacher should enforce classroom rules with consistency. A police officer's job is to enforce the laws of the community.

How do you use the word enforce in a sentence?

Teachers should enforce the classroom rules.

Why was it so difficult to enforce prohibition?

Because it attempted to enforce an unpopular law.

Can minor be beneficiary of death insurance benefits if so is court approval required for distribution?

Ordinarily, if a minor were to be a beneficiary of a life insurance policy, the beneficiary designation would read something to the effect of: To (adult) in trust for (minor). Note further that ordinarily, life insurance proceeds pass to the beneficiary outside of the estate. Therefore, the probate court would not initially be involved. All of that said, if the proceeds are sizable, it may be a good idea to have an attorney prepare a trust agreement. This would designate the identity of the trustee and an alternate trustee and specify permitted and prohibited powers. Doing so protects the minor child as he/she can enforce the terms of the trust agreement if there is a deviation by the trustee. It also protects the trustee as it defines the precise scope of powers.

What rights do neutral countries have during wartime?

Only the rights they can enforce or their allies can enforce.

Who has the power to enforce laws passed by congress?

Executive Branch

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In the US, the executive branch has the power to enforce the law.

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It is the police's responsibily to enforce the law.

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Concurrent/Shared Powers has the power to enforce laws.

The main role of the president and the vice president is to enforce the laws?

the job is not to enforce the laws but to make them.

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The noun forms of the verb to enforce are enforcer, enforcement, and the gerund, enforcing.

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A police officer can enforce a law. Because they are the one who seen not all but the other activities in the society. That they can enforce it according to the crime committed by a perpetrator. That's all.

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the executive branch has the power to enforce or carry out laws

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The United Nations enforce rules through the resolutions of the Security Council.