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Can an individual file for bankruptcy on his small business if he has recently filed Chapter 13 on his personal debt?

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you can if you was out of 13 but if your not if you had this dept when you file 13 you can get your lawer to add it in just talk to your lawer.

2006-07-28 12:28:16
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Q: Can an individual file for bankruptcy on his small business if he has recently filed Chapter 13 on his personal debt?
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Does SPA Trust asset protection work in bankruptcy?

It can, provided the trust is written properly and, often more important, the transfer of property to the trust is not able to be considered a fraudulent transfer. You should consult an attorney to see if it would work for you, because everyone's facts are different. Todd H's experience: "I put a home in a SPA Trust a couple years ago and recently went through a business and personal bankruptcy. We disclosed everything to the bankruptcy judge and he said it was perfectly legal and a SPA Trust is not included in bankruptcy. I still have a home to show for it."

What can you include in bankruptcy?

Please see a lawyer because laws have recently changed.

Why the appriopriate timing of medication check that the individual has not taken any medication recently?

how would you check that an individual has not taken any medication recently

Can you get a used car loan if you recently filed for bankruptcy?

You are going to need approval from the trustee handling your finances, but you can get a used car loan if you recently filed for bankruptcy. There will be drawbacks though: e.g. the interest rate and insurance rate will be significantly higher.

What can be done to save a hospital from bankruptcy?

My government teacher was recently talking about this since his brother owns a hospital. What he is considering doing to keep his business alive is to "kick out" any and all Medicaid users because many of them are not able to pay their bills and are in turn hurting his business.

What did chanel west coast get arrested for?

Chanel West Coast has never been arrested. Recently, she has filed for bankruptcy. The bankruptcy would be the only reason she has been in court.

Can you receive student loans after declaring bankruptcy?

Yes you can. I recently filed for bankruptcy in March 2008, i am starting school in May 2008. Federal loans do not check your credit report.

What companies have recently gone bankrupt?

Sbarro and Friendly's are two companies that have recently filed for bankruptcy and financial experts expect bankruptcies to be down this year compared to recent years.

Could creditors claim from a deceased estate if bankruptcy of the recently deceased occured 20 years ago?

The events from before the bankruptcy filing or discharge make no difference to anything incurred after. It is not a lifetime forgiveness!

Will my options for home mortgage interest rates be compromised by my having filed bankruptcy recently?

If you have filed bankruptcy recently your options for low home mortgage interest rates are going to be very slim, if they exist at all. In fact it will be hard to get a mortgage from a reputabel company at all, especially if a home was involved in the bankruptcy proceedings. It will depend on how recent the bankruptcy was, what all was involved in the proceedings and how you have resolved things since as well as finding a bank that may have a program designed to help people in your situation.

Do you have to list recently accrued debt after filing bankruptcy?

Debts incurred after a bankruptcy is filed cannot be added to the BK and therefore would not be discharged. Any debts not discharged in a bankruptcy are subject to collection by any means available to the creditor under the laws of the state where the debtor resides,

Claire is quiet and shy but organised and good at keepping records and accountants she has accouting qualification recently. she has saved 1000 to invest in the business describe her personal strengt?

She sounds commendable. Are you going to hire or fire her? I think she will root you out in three years and own the business.

I just move state can i file bankruptcy?

Yes you can, but if you just recently moved, then you would be required to use the exemptions of your previous state.

I recently went threw 48 weeks of chemotherapy I only make 20.00 an hour and my medical bill and other bills have acummilated can I fill Bankruptcy.?

Yes, you can. Most people who file bankruptcy do so because of medical bills.

What successful business owners went bankrupt before they were successful?

Yes, you can get a bank account if you are bankrupt, eventhough some banks won't allow to give you an account if you've just recently declared bankruptcy. Only open a bank account after you've been declared bankrupt.

Is Kreiss Furniture Collection in bankruptcy?

Emphatically NO. Kreiss is a privately owned and transparent family business that has been in business for 70 years and is currently expanding. The bankruptcy rumor originated from a licensee in Toronto filing for bankruptcy. This licensee was an independent operator and ran into financial troubles. These financial troubles were completely independent of Kreiss. Kreiss has recently opened beautiful new showrooms in Fashion Island (Newport Beach), Towne Square (Las Vegas) and in Austin, Texas. Kreiss is opening two more new showrooms by February 2011. Kreiss has active Facebook and Twitter accounts and a new website launching in September.

Should bankruptcy be made more difficult in order to discourage overspending?

No. Once you have a Bankruptcy on your credit report, your spending days are over for many years unless you have cash.A Different Perspective:It already has been made difficult. Newer bankruptcy laws have established a series of (metaphorical) hoops for potential filers to jump through. By and large, these are pointless and ineffectual, but the requirement of completion make it more difficult for those who are filing. Bankruptcy itself, and the current obstructions do nothing to discourage overspending. In fact, within months of the completion (discharge) of a bankruptcy, creditors often flood the recently bankrupt person with offers for credit cards and loans. It really is a viscous cycle that the individual must take charge of.

Your friend recently filed Chapter 7 bankruptcy and she has moved to another country Is it possible she is involved in bankruptcy fraud?

hard to answer only she would really be able to answer that. Depending on which country she moved to if she don't come back why file? ANSWER If she informed the people she is/was dealing with and still complies with the rules of her bankruptcy there shouldn't be any problems.

Who is Joe Jonas' second girlfriend?

WikiAnswers believes that celebrities are entitled to privacy to keep this kind of information secretive and private. It is not right to try to look into his personal business of the far past, unless was released recently.

If you recently filed for bankruptcy and you got a job offer at a financial institution that requires a fair credit report act is there a good chance of getting the job?

It is illegal for an employer to discriminate based on bankruptcy (United States Bankruptcy Code, 11 U.S.C. §525(b) ), however, this code does not provide for specific remedies to such a claim.

Who is the owner of Golds gym in Vancouver Washington?

Troy Finfrock, lives in Oregon and owns more Golds gym's all recently filed for bankruptcy.

What technology changes will occur in the mail packaging business?

Look at this recently created start-up business that is making it.

Can you file bankruptcy on recently accrued debts?

If the depts are recently accured then you have the possibility of being sued for fraud if you file for chapter 7. Under chapter 13 you cannot be sued for fraud but will have to pay some of the money back for three years.

Auto Loans for Bankruptcy?

Take any offer for auto loans for bankruptcy with many grains of salt. Very few lenders will lend any money to anyone who has recently declared bankruptcy, and any lenders that do offer such loans will do so at very high interest rates with very high penalties for late payment and default. Since you cannot declare bankruptcy again if you default on a loan soon after bankruptcy, auto loans for bankruptcy are risky for you but very profitable for unscrupulous lenders who prey on bankrupt individuals and entice them to take out loans before they have a chance to rebuild.

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