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Will your homeowner's insurance pay medical expenses if you are injured in a fall in your home?

No, that would be medical insurance. Homeowner's insurance covers things like burglaries and damage to the home. * Homeowner's insurance will pay for injuries to other persons that occur on the owner's property when they find the claim justified.

Whose auto insurance will cover you if driving another persons car in Florida?

The insurance policy on the vehicle you were driving will pay any damages assuming the owner of the vehicle and the owner of the insurance policy is one and the same.

What does the Idaho Good Samaritan Law state?

That no action shall lie or be maintained for civil damages in any court of this state against any person or persons, or group of persons, who in good faith, being at, or stopping at the scene of an accident, offers and administers first aid or medical attention to any person or persons injured in such accident unless it can be shown that the person or persons offering or administering first aid, is guilty of gross negligence in the care or treatment of said injured person or persons or has treated them in a grossly negligent manner. The immunity described herein shall cease upon delivery of the injured person to either a generally recognized hospital for treatment of ill or injured persons, or upon assumption of treatment in the office or facility of any person undertaking to treat said injured person or persons, or upon delivery of said injured person or persons into custody of an ambulance attendant.

Is car insurance on the car or on the driver?

The basic insurance/third-party liability covers third-party persons. But if you have comprehensive car insurance, it not only covers you, third-party persons but also your car.

If someone keys your car while on another persons property is that persons insurance responsible?


What has the author Cynthia Wilson Garvan written?

Cynthia Wilson Garvan has written: 'The Florida health insurance study 2004' -- subject(s): Statistics, Medically uninsured persons

Is it possible to get discounts on car insurance for being disabled?

Actually not all insurance agency can give this kind of insurance. There are agencies that can provide insurance for disabled persons based on the degree of disability. And there are agencies that can provide full insurance and discounts for disabled persons. As for my answer, it depends on the agency.

Does auto insurance cover any driver of your car?

no, the driver has to be on your insurance or have there own insurance. if your driving and the persons with you then yes

Can DMV provide the name of another persons car insurance info to an insurance company?


What is the population of Hillsborough County Florida?

About 1,350,000 persons.

What would happen to the license of a drivers who involved in an accident and did not stop to help persons who were injured?

Your license could be suspended or revoked even if people are not injured.

What type of splint uses the persons body to immobilize the injured area?

Anatomic Splint

What is the most critcal steps in case of an emergency?

Prevent further harm to the injured persons and to yourself.

Can the used car insurance policy be transferred to the new owner?

No. Insurance is based upon a persons ability to be insured.

Is there Medicare insurance for your spouse?

no there is no medicare insurance for spouse. Medicare insurance covers the claims only for the self and not fore the insured persons like spouse.

Insurance coverage provides protection for damage to persons or property?


Which of these agencies is health insurance program for most elderly persons?


What is insurance coverage provides protection for damage to persons or property?


Is there ever Racial profiling in auto insurance companies?

No, Auto Insurance Applications in the United States do not ask a persons race.

Is MBF Com insurance only available in Australia?

MBF Com currently offers health insurance in Australia to all the visiting persons desiring to obtain a health coverage. Also, persons having working visas in Australia can benefit from this type of insurance enrollment.

What would happen to a driver who was involved in an accident and did not stop to help persons who were injured?

They would lose there license

What is meant by the term contents and buildings insurance?

Contents and buildings insurance is insurance that covers any damage or loss that happens to a persons home and the contents inside. Contents and Building Insurance is usually sold with Home Insurance.

Whats the most homeowners insurance pays a person injured in their home?

Nothing. If you are a household resident you cannot make a claim for injuries incurred in your own home. Residents are covered as insured persons under the homeowners policy and therefore cannot be negligent to themselves.

Where can one buy travel insurance for people over 70?

Persons over 70 can purchase travel insurance directly through their travel agent. One can also purchase this type of insurance at ones financial institution. Rates for persons over 70 are generally higher.

Is car insurance still valid when the insured dies?

Is car insurance still valid on a persons car if the insured person has died