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It depends upon the laws of the state in which the marriage occurred, generally when if a marriage has not been consumated an annulment is possible.

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Q: Can an inmate receive an annulment if he married while incarcerated?
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What are the Berkeley County West Virginia laws regarding an inmate getting married while incarcerated?

There is not any law against getting married while you are incarcerated. You will not be able to leave jail while you get married.

How does a California inmate file for an annulment?

A California inmate can contact a lawyer and have them file for annulment. They may be able to file the paperwork themselves by pulling up papers from the internet or prison library.

Can an inmate get married?

can a inmate get married in florida

How do you find an inmate in California?

Any incarcerated inmate in California can be located via the method found on the discussion page.

Can a inmate collect money from a life insurance policy?

Yes, even if incarcerated, you will still receive proceeds from a life insurance policy if you are the valid recipient. They will not be able to receive the proceeds if they were the cause of the insured's death.

Who can you contact about question concerning an inmate?

The warden of the facility where he is housed, or the office of inmate information if he is currently incarcerated at a county facility.

How do you find an inmate?

To conduct a search, you will need to know whether the inmate is incarcerated in a state or a federal prison. You will also need to know the state, and sometimes the county, in which the inmate is incarcerated and, either the inmate's full name as it appears in records, or the inmate's ID number. Other helpful information includes the inmate's date of birth. There are numerous inmate-search websites, which may be found with the search terms, "inmate search". These sites often provide links to search engines by state. If you are unable to find the inmate using this method, you can search the old-fashioned way by calling each facility where the inmate is likely to be incarcerated.

Where did the word inmate originate?

It is a Contraction of the 2 words of INcarcerated MATE. IN-MATE

Can an inmate in Texas file for a divorce while being incarcerated when his wife lives in another state?

Can an inmate in Texas file for a divorce and do the work himself while being incarcerated when his wife lives in another state?

If you marry an inmate in a Florida prison can you divorce him if he refuses to divorce you because you knew he was incarcerated when you married him?

He can refuse, but that will not prevent the requesting spouse receiving a divorce under the default laws.

How do you find inforation about a inmate?

Search the Offender Information or Inmate Information sections of the state Department of Corrections web site in the state where the person is incarcerated.

What site can I do a free search to find information on an inmate?

My uncle was incarcerated last night and I need to find information. Are there websites for free inmate searches?

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