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Can an insurance company require proof of your daughter's new insurance before they will take her off of your policy?

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July 15, 2015 6:19PM

yes they can they did it to me she moved out and still had to show electric bill plus new insurance

Same here, contacted insurance co. to remove son from insurance and was told they need proof of new address and declarations page from new insurance.

yes they need proof our 19yr old own his car and has own insurance. We showed proof? now the problem is he has to have a diiferent address or he will continue to stay on our policy as a secondary driver.Which is Asurb he has a new 2005 vehicle why would our son want to drive our 2000 buick so we in dispute with our insurance over this? If is name is not removed we will cancel the policy

I recently removed my daughter as she had moved in with her boyfriend. First request was for proof of insurance and her name on lease agreement. I told them she did not own a car so they removed with copy of lease.