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Roofs require occasional replacement, generally every 20 to 30 years depending on the rating of your roofing materials. Some Insurance Companies will require you update your roof for continued coverage once it has reached it's expected lifespan. Some companies will allow you to exclude further roof coverage and maintain the rest of your policy.

Answergive my roof back u ugly insurance company never trust nation wide to date
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Q: Can an insurance company require roof replacement to continue your insurance coverage?
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How do you get total replacement cost on home insurance claim?

It depends on the policy you have with the insurance company. Replacement cost phrasing should include 20% or so over the value of the home. Closely question the agent about the contents--like cabinets, appliances, fixtures and so on should the home become a total loss.

What type of company is Complete Coverage Insurance?

Complete Coverage Insurance is the type of company referred to as an independent insurance agency. They provide insurance coverage for automobile, home, health, business and life.

Can the insurance company replace an item instead of paying for it?

Replacement coverageYes, Most insurance policies do indicate that the Insurance company will indemnify you either by compensating your monetarily for your loss or by replacement of the item with a similar or same one of like kind and quality.

Do you have to insure your home for more than the mortgage balance?

To the insurance company, your mortgage balance has no impact on how much insurance coverage you need for your home. Homeowners insurance is based on the replacement/reconstruction cost of your home.

Is Golden rule insurance a company or rule of insurance?

Golden Rule Insurance is an insurance company offering various health insurance coverage plans, auto insurance coverage and homeowners insurance. They are affiliated with Unites Healthcare Company and are based out of Indianapolis, Indiana.

Can you purchase insurance on a straight talk phone?

If you buy your phone from Walmart they do offer a replacement plan that is something like insurance. You might also check with your insurance company that provides your auto or homeowners insurance as many companies are willing to provide coverage.

Can you sue the state for hitting a deer your car is total and your insurance will not pay?

You are required by law to have liabilty coverage, but not collision coverage. If you did not have collision coverage then you are not due any compensation by your insurance company. If you did have collision insurance and the insurance company will not pay, then you may be able to sue the insurance company, but you cannot sue the state.

Do you have to agree with the insurance company raising your coverage without your consent?

You don't have to agree but they will cancel the policy. Most homeowners policies include a replacement cost coverage to the structure so they want it to be insure properly.

What happens if your home insurance agent dies?

Your insurance company will likely continue coverage and appoint a new insurance agent to service your policy. It is recommended that you have the new agent review your account and give his or her best opinion.

How much do insurance company pay for a house and land that's been wrote off?

It depends on the type of policy your purchased. If you bought replacement coverage the Insurance Company will pay to rebuild the home to a like or similar condition. If you purchased ACV coverage or do not wish to rebuild then they will pay you the depreciated cash value of the home. Homeowners Insurance does not pay for land.

How can you continue getting insurance coverage for the pre-existing condition of terminal cancer after a divorce if the policy is in your husband's name?

the first way to do this is to obtain COBRA coverage. When your divorce became final, your ex-spouse was able to drop your coverage. Federal law is that all insureds can continue coverage with COBRA. Your insurance company or ex-spouse's employer should have sent you paperwork explaining what your rights are. But be aware, with COBRA, you are paying the full premium for the continued coverage.

What companies offer motorists a replacement windshield?

There are many different companies that offer motorists a replacement windshield. These companies include Cars Direct, and any other insurance company that has full comprehensive coverage.

What is coverage?

what the insurance company includes as part of the insurance policy.

Where can I find out more about insurance coverage for gastric bypass?

Your insurance company can discuss insurance coverage for gastric bypass surgery with you. If you have a diagnosis of a weight-related disorder such as diabetes, coverage is common.

How do you confirm your auto insurance coverage?

Call your agent or your insurance company.

Do homeowner insurance policies typically include flood coverage?

Flood coverage is not standard in most homeowner insurance policies. If flooding concerns you, then you should address this with your insurance company and have the coverage added.

What type of coverage can you get with Rac Home Insurance?

RAC is a United Kingdom based home insurance company. According to their official website, RAC covers replacement locks, legal coverage up to 50,000 Great Britain pounds, and you can contact an agent to see which coverage you want because many plans are specially tailored to a client's needs.

Notice of Death to an Insurance Company?

Get StartedThis Notice of Death is used to advise an insurance company that an auto or homeowners policy can be terminated because of the death of the policy owner.A policy should not be terminated until the insurance coverage is no longer needed. If insurance coverage will be needed for a longer period of time after the death, an insurance company representative or agent should be contacted regarding premium payments and to make sure that insurance coverage will continue for the desired amount of time.

Why do insurance company ask for Declaration Page from your past insurance company?

The new insurance company is asking for proof of prior insurance coverage. Some insurance companys have what they call a "proof of prior" discount. This means that you may qualify for a discount if you can prove you had previous insurance with no lapse in coverage. Be sure to ask your insurance agent for a further explanation.

Can you receive financial compensation from your employer if you do not take your employer's health insurance?

Yes. A company may offer a credit if you decline insurance as long as you have other coverage. If you dont have other coverage you can't opt out of insurance if offered by your company

Can your employer ask for your vehicle insurance to drive their vehicle?

Your personal auto coverage will not cover their vehicles. What they are probably asking for is to make sure you have coverage in case you drive your vehicle on errands or such for the company. If you go to the post office to get the company mail your personal auto insurance will be the primary insurance and then if they have an endorsement to their insurance called "hired and non-owned auto" it will provide secondary coverage over and above your coverage to protect them in case of an accident. Their coverage insists that you as the employee have primary insurance on your vehicle. Also note that the company insurance will not pay for damage to your vehicle.

Do all caravan insurance policies include contents coverage?

Yes all caravan insurance policies include contents coverage. But when in doubt, it would be best to contact your insurance agent or insurance company and verify the coverage in your policy.

How much does primary insurance cover?

It is different depending on what company and plan you get. Full coverage from one company can differ from full coverage from another company, and minimum coverage can vastly differ from full coverage even within the same company.

Can you lend your vehicle to your sister and transfer liability to her insurance company?

Not automatically NO. It depends on why you are lending her your vehicle. If your sister already has Full coverage or liability insurance and you are loaning her your car temporarily while her vehicle is repaired, undriveable etc. Then your sisters insurance policy will automatically cover a temporary replacement vehicle with the same coverage she has on her own vehicle, whatever that may be.

Can a mortgage company require that you have coverage greater than the replacement value of the dwelling?

I doubt it. The Mortgagee (i.e., the mortgage company) has an interest solely in the value of its collateral, which is its financial interest in the property as described in the mortgage documentation. I do not believe that the Mortgagee would possess an "insurable interest" in the property sufficient to compel you, the owner (also called the "mortgagor") to purchase insurance beyond replacement cost coverage. Further, I doubt a carrier would even sell coverage greater than replacement cost.