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Yes, it will always be irrational.

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Can you subract an rational and irrational number and get an irrational number?

Yes. In fact, a rational plus or minus an irrational will always be irrational.

Is a rational number minus a rational number a rational number?

Yes because a rational number can be expressed as a fraction whereas irrational numbers can't be expressed as fractions.

Is minus point 4744 rational or irrational?

Any number with a defined end-point, such as -0.4744, is rational.

Is - square root 17 irrational rational irrational whole irrational rational?

17 is a prime number with no factors other than itself and 1 therefore minus square root of 17 is an irrational number.

What irrational number can be added to pi to get a sum that is rational?

Minus pi. Or minus pi plus any rational number. Here is how you can figure this out (call your unknown number "x", and let "r" stand for any rational number):x + pi = r To solve for "x", simply subtract pi from both sides. That gives you: x = r - pi

Why does the sum of rational number and irrational numbers are always irrational?

Let your sum be a + b = c, where "a" is irrational, "b" is rational, and "c" may be either (that's what we want to find out). In this case, c - b = a. If we assume that c is rational, you would have: a rational number minus a rational number is an irrational number, which can't be true (both addition and subtraction are closed in the set of rational numbers). Therefore, we have a contradiction with the assumption that "c" (the sum in the original equation) is rational.

Is the square root of 36 - 25 rational or irrational?

If you mean 36 minus 25 then the square root of 11 is an irrational number

Is -45 irrational?

No because all integers positive or minus are rational numbers

What is a negative irrational number?

A negative irrational number can be thought of as an irrational number multiplied by -1, or an irrational number with a minus sign in front of it.

Can you add two irrational numbers that are not conjugates of one another ie a plus b and a minus b to get a rational number?

You can also have any numbers like (a + c) and (b - c), where "c" is the irrational part, and "a" and "b" are rational.

Are negative square roots rational or irrational?

If the positive square root (for example, square root of 2) is irrational, then the corresponding negative square root (for example, minus square root of 2) is also irrational.

How is the sum of a rational and irrational number irrational?

This can easily be proved by contradiction. Without loss of generality, I will take specific numbers as an example. The proof can easily be extended to any rational + irrational number. Assumption: 1 plus the square root of 2 is rational. (It is a well-known fact that the square root of 2 is irrational. No need to prove it here; you can use any other irrational number will do.) This rational sum can be written as p / q, where "p" and "q" are whole numbers (this is basically the definition of a "rational number"). Then, the square root of 2, which is equal to the sum minus 1, is: p / q - 1 = p / q - q / q = (p - q) / q Since the difference of two whole numbers is a whole number, this makes the square root of 2 rational, which doesn't make sense.

-5 is a rational number?

yes, rational numbers are numbers that can be formed as a fraction hence -5/1 even with a minus sign on it irrational numbers are surd numbers, numbers that cant be expressed as a fraction

Is -0.45 an irrational number?

No - expressed as a fraction in its simplest form, -0.45 is equal to -9/20 or minus nine twentieths.

What does a minus and a plus equal?

a minus and a plus equal a minus number yeh dude

Is the square root of 49 irrational?

No. The square root of 49 is plus or minus 7, both of which are integers. And integers are rational numbers - whether they are positive or negative.

Is the square of negative 54 rational'?

No, nor is it a real number. The square root of minus 54 is equal to the square root of plus 45, times i.

What does a negative number minus a positive number equal?

A negative number minus a positive number will always be a negative number.

What does a minus number times a minus number equal?

- number multiplied by another - number equal a positive number. eg: -4x-4=16 where as 4x-4=-16

What kind of number is minus 4 divided to five?

A negative rational (also real) number.

Equal to the mass number minus the atomic number?

It is equal to the number of neutrons in the given atom.

What is a negative rational number?

Minus two.Some rational numbers are positive, some are negative. -9 is a negative rational number.

Is the square root of negative 121 rational irrational or a real number?

The square root of -121 is imaginary. It has value of i11.It is not rational, irrational, nor real. The coefficient of i, 11, is real and rational, but the result of multiplying i by 11 is imaginary.Now, The Coefficient of (i11) is a complex number, because when dealing with i, the true form is the square root of -1, and so this also means that you still have 2 answers, positive and negative i11, and so the square root of -121 is imaginary, or complex rational number. But, because it is complex, it is not truly rational, all this means is that you end up with aninteger in your complex answer. So, To answer your question, the answer is non of the above, just imaginary. and the value is plus or minus (i11).

How do determine the number of proton electron neutron atomic number and atomic mass?

atomic number is the amount of protons, equal to the atomic number, the electrons, minus the mass number atomic number is the amount of protons, equal to the atomic number, the electrons, minus the mass number atomic number is the amount of protons, equal to the atomic number, the electrons, minus the mass number

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