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No. See related question link that explains the liability of an LLC.

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Q: Can an llc escape a lawsuit by selling the llc?
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If a dba was listed on a lawsuit do you have to respond for the dba Or is it incorrectly listed on the lawsuit Shouldn't the LLC be listed instead?

The lawsuit can be listed as either DBA or LLC. You do need to respond, otherwise you might be faced with a default judgment.

What does 'LLC' in 'LLC Corporation' stand for?

LLC stands for limited liability company. That means that the company does not have full liability if the company has financial issues such as a lawsuit.

How does a limited liability company differ from a partnership?

The personal assets of the members of an LLC are protected in case there is a lawsuit against the company.

What does the LLC Corporation do?

"An LLC Corporation is often used by small business owners to protect them from monetary liability. When you set up an LLC Corp. your personal property, i.e., house, car and other personal assets are off limits from being included in a lawsuit against your business."

What licenses are needed for a LLC selling tangible products online?

Details about how to get license for LLC tangible products online is given in this link please visit this url

What are some of the best selling films produced by Summit Entertainment LLC?

Summit Entertainment LLC produce a wide variety of films, and are a subsidiary of Lions Gate Entertainment. The most famous currently are the Twilight films.

Which is correct LLC or LLC?


What is the best selling Journey album?

Journey's biggest selling album was Escape in 1981. it went Platinum 9 times.

What are the release dates for My First Sale - 2010 Selling to Escape the Rat Race 2-2?

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What does the LLC stand for in Indiana LLC?

The LLC in Indiana LLC stands for "Limited Liability Company". LLC companies blend corporate structure with partnership qualities.

Can a LLC invest in its parent LLC?

Yes, a LLC, that is, a LLC that is member of a LLC, could theoretically make a distribution to its parent LLC. Although, where member(s) of the LLC that is a member of the "parent" LLC are also member(s) of the parent LLC violate certain imputed fiduciary duties, the potential arises for unlawful self-dealing to occur.

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