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Yes. When the change in velocity (final velocity-initial velocity) is negative, the acceleration will be negative. For example, when a vehicle slows down to a stop, the change in velocity is negative because the final velocity is less than the initial velocity, which makes the change in velocity negative. Therefore the acceleration will be negative. a=(vf-vi)/(t2-t1)

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What is deceleration or negative acceleration?

Deceleration or negative acceleration is when an object or thing gets slower

When can both velocity and acceleration be negative?

Both velocity and acceleration can be negative when an object is slowing down, or when an object accelerates backwards, which is a negative direction, such as a car backing out of a driveway.

When an object slows down it has what acceleration?

Retardation or negative acceleration or deceleration.

Can acceleration ever be negative?

Acceleration is negative when the object is moving in the opposite direction. on a graph the line would be in the negative quadrant.

Can the velocity of an object be positive and acceleration negative?

Yes. An object slowing down but still moving in a positive direction has a positive velocity but a negative acceleration.

Does a negative acceleration always mean that an object is slowing down?

No. A negative acceleration could mean a change in direction

What is an object with a net force of 0 positive or negative acceleration?

An object acted on by a net force of zero has no acceleration.

What is the definition of negative velocity?

Observe that the object below moves in the negativedirection with a changing velocity. An object which moves in the negative direction has a negative velocity. If the object is speeding up then its acceleration vector is directed in the same direction as its motion (in this case, a negative acceleration).

What has zero acceleration?

Anything that is not moving or is moving at a constant speed has zero acceleration. An object that is slowing down has a negative acceleration, an object that is speeding up has a positive acceleration.

Explain the difference between positive and negative acceleration?

Positive acceleration results in the object speeding up, such as a car going from 0mph to 30mph. Negative acceleration is the object decelerating, such as using the brake in a car.

What is the direction of the acceleration of an object that is slowing down while heading northward?

The acceleration is opposite the direction the object is moving, so the acceleration is negative and southward.

An object slowing down has what type of acceleration?

Negative acceleration, also known as deceleration.

When is acceleration due to gravity negative and positive?

Acceleration due to gravity is negative when an object is moving up. Accl'n due to gravity is positive when an object is moving down (since gravity acts downwards on an object). ^Acceleration due to gravity is always negative, while the acceleration of the ball upward was positive due to what threw it, not gravity.

Does acceleration have a negative or positive value if the velocity is increasing speed?

In this case, acceleration is positive. Negative acceleration would cause the object to slow down (decelerate.)

Can acceleration be a negative number?

Yes, the scalar value of acceleration can be a negative number. Acceleration is the rate of change of velocity. If the speed of an object is reducing (it is slowing down), then the object is subject to a negative acceleration. An example is when you apply the brakes in a car. The brakes change the speed of the car from a higher value to a lower value, thus imposing a negative acceleration. Colloquially, people speak of deceleration, however the correct term is negative acceleration.

How are negative and positive acceleration different?

Acceleration is a vector. It has both a magnitude and a direction. So you first have to choose which direction is positive. Lets say we choose "left" as negative and "right" as positive. If an object is increasing speed (positive magnitude) while moving Right (positive direction) its acceleration is Positive' If an object is decreasing speed (negative magnitude) while moving Right (positive direction) its acceleration is Negative. If an object is increasing speed (positive) while moving Left (negative direction) its acceleration is Negative. If an object is decreasing speed (negative) while moving Left (negative) its acceleration is Positive. For vertical motion you would probably choose "up" as positive and "down" as negative.

When is acceleration become negative?

whe the object slows down

What is negative acceleration?

Negative Acceleration:Negative Acceleration refers to an object whose speed decreases as it moves away from its original starting position.Actually, that's not entirely correct. Acceleration is a vector quantity and, therefore, depends on direction. If an object is moving in a straight line, in the negative direction, its acceleration is positive if its speed decreases with time and negative if its speed increases with time.Think of it this way: if the acceleration vector is pointed in the same direction as the way an object is moving, the object speeds up. If the acceleration vector is pointed opposite the direction of motion, it slows down.

When an object slows down its acceleration is?

When an object slows down, its acceleration is negative (in a linear sense), or in a direction opposed to its motion (in a vector sense).

What does it mean if an object has negative acceleration?

its slowing down gatorrificperson says.......The acceleration is in the opposite direction of the velocity

Why is the acceleration of an object moving at a constant velocity always 0?

Acceleration is the change in velocity of an object. If an object is travelling at an unchanging speed, its speed is neither increasing (which would make a positive acceleration) nor decreasing (which would make a negative acceleration). Thus, the acceleration is 0.

What is deceleration in physics?

Negative acceleration, slowing down a moving object.

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