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Yes! They absolutely are allowed to carry.

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Q: Can an off duty police officer carry a gun?
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When a state police officer is on vacation do they have to carry their weapon?

A police officer is a police officer 24/7/365, whether they on or off duty, or whether they're on vacation or not. every police officer has an on duty and off duty gun, they can only carry their off duty guns, and can only use it if he/she or someone else is in danger.

Can college campus police officers carry their gun off duty?

The answer depends on department policy, but generally speaking any police officer is entitled to carry a weapon off duty.

Who can carry a gun on a school bus?

A police officer

Can a probation officer carry a gun off duty?

Yes, a probation office can carry a gun off duty. They go through training almost as the cops do and they have the rights to carry a gun legally.

Can a retired police officer carry a concealed gun in the state of Wisconsin?


Do Probation officer carry gun while on duty?

Yes, in some states.

Can a retired police officer in Wisconsin carry a concealed gun?

yes as long as he still has his gun licens

Can a will county deputy correctional officer carry a gun off duty?

By law, yes they can.

Do police need pistol permits?

I don't know about other countries, but in the U.S. no, they don't. In the U.S. police officers are commissioned by the state in which they work, and that in and of itself allows them to carry a gun. Federal law HR218 allows a full time police officer to carry anywhere in the U.S. Some departments have different policies, however. For instance, in Memphis, TN, if an officer wants to carry a gun off duty, he or she is supposed to carry the department issued gun. If an officer wants to carry a gun other than their issued gun, the department policy requires that they get a TN handgun permit, however, that is not a state law, merely a department policy.

Can a mchenry county Illinois correctional officer carry their gun off duty?

The simple answer is, at this time, NO!

Do cops always have to carry a gun?

Yes, because if their is an emergency they have to be ready to report at anytime. It depends on what you mean. Most police departments do not require officers to carry a gun if the officer is off duty. However, generally speaking, any on-duty police officer is required to carry a gun. There are some exceptions. If an officer was unable to pass the shooting requirements, the officer may be placed on temporary desk duty where he or she does not go out on patrol. Additionally, some higher ranking officers that are in an office most of the day may choose to not carry a gun all day. Here in this city, they are sometimes called "white shirts" because some of them wear white uniform shirts instead of the all black uniform that patrol officers wear.

Who qualifies to carry a gun and how can a person get a permit to carry a gun in Illinois?

Sorry- Illinois has the most restrictive concealed carry laws in the US. Other than occupations such as police officer or armed security officer, you will not get a permit.

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