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Can an older woman marry a younger man in the Nayyar caste of Kerala?

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September 12, 2011 2:58PM

yes why not myCusine brother married a woman who is elder than him for 8 years that is he 30 and she is 38they are living very happly and we have a very good and satisfied sex life also i am sure that it is better to marry a woman who is elder than man is better. because she loves me too much she cares me too much and she given me too much freedom on her and she took so much freedom he told so now am also looking for an elder woman to marry am 33 and in look out oa a woman not less than 35 is ther any woman willing to hav a good life with me

yes why not an older woman can marry with younger man, in my opinion system should be like this, every time we say that man should be elder than woman, your partner can understand u better if u are younger, sachin tendulkar is great example for this,