Acids and Bases

Can an orange conduct electricity?


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Orange juice can conduct electricity because one of its ingredients is citric acid. All acids conduct electricity when mixed with water, by breaking up into positive and negative ions.

of course,we know how lemons conducts electricity in the same way we can also conduct electricity by orange

Yes, oz they have charges that produces electrons that conduct electricity

All metals conduct electricity.

No hot glue will not conduct electricity, their is nothing in it to make it conduct electricity.

it can conduct electricity and heat.

Yes it does conduct electricity

No, honey does not conduct electricity

No, lithium can not conduct electricity

Magnetite does not conduct electricity.

Why does CCl4 not conduct electricity?

It does not conduct electricity

Scandium does conduct electricity.

Cotton can not conduct electricity.

no brinjal does not conduct electricity

It will conduct electricity because it contains electrolytes. These are chemicals that ionize to produce positively charged and negatively charged ions. These are what conduct the electric current.

Actually, plants do conduct electricity. When they conduct sugars from their body they have a magnetic filed. Therefore plants do conduct electricity.

No, methanol does not conduct electricity. It does not conduct electricity because it is a non-electrolyte molecule. Sugar also is non-electrolyte, therefore it also does not conduct electricity.

Yes, Pyrite can conduct electricity.

yes a pineapple can conduct electricity.

Yes bananas conduct electricity

All metals conduct electricity.

No. they dont conduct electricity

No, not all metals conduct electricity

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