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Can an ordained minister marry you in Texas?

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Can an ordained minister marry you in Indiana?


Do you need to be an ordained minister to marry a couple in the state of Wisconsin?

No. They do not need to be ordained but they do need to represent a church or religious organization to do so.

Can a ordained minister marry you from a different state?

Hello, I have a friend getting married in Indiana, but the minister that is performing the ceremony is a minister in Illinois. Is he allowed to do this?

Will you always be an ordained minister in AME church after being ordained?

once ordained in ame church will you always be called a minister

How old do you have to be to become an ordained minister?

There's No legal age to become an ordained Minister.

What is the difference between a licensed minister and ordained minister?

Licensed is by the state. Ordained is by a Religious institution.

Could an ordained minister from the lakewood church resign?

Any ordained minister can resign from any church.

When was Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. ordained A minister?

when was dr.king ordained a minister

Do you have to be a ordained minister to marry someone?

No, but you do have to be licensed by the state or military do legally do so, or have someone who is licensed to officially sign the marriage certificate.

When and where was Martin Luther King ordained a minister?

King was ordained a minister in 1947 at Ebenzer Baptist Church in Atlanta

What age did Martin Luther King become a ordained minister?

Martin Luther King was ordained a minister at the age of 18.

Can an ordained minister marry me if I don't have marriage license?

While they can, few would consider doing so. They will be expecting to execute the license as the officiant.

Can a friend legally marry us in Colorado...He is not ordained. Is there some sort of officiant for a day application?

A friend can not legally marry a couple in any state of the United States including Colorado. To get legally married, you need an ordained minister of a church or a justice of the peace.

What is the difference between an ordained and a minister?

An ordained is someone called and annoited by God, to pastor a church. while a Minister is someone who works in the church to assist the ordained pastor. D.O Ola.

If you are Roman Catholic can you receive a nondenominational ordination as a minister and still get married?

If you are ordained in another religion you cease to be a Catholic. You are free to marry but not in a Catholic church.

Can eastern rite catholic priest marry?

They can marry before they get ordained. They can't marry after that.

Is Mark Consuelos an ordained minister?


What sacrement does an ordained minister get?

holy orders

How do you address someone who is ordained?

A Reverend Minister

Who was the first ordained woman minister?

Antoinette Brown Blackwell became the first American woman ordained a minister by a recognized denomination (Congregational) in 1853.

What church is Danny Koker ordained as a minister from?

All that is known about Danny Koker becoming an ordained minister is that he became ordained in order to officiate over the wedding of Rick Harrison. No church affiliation for the ordanation is known.

Where was reverend Al Sharpton ordained?

Al Sharpton was ordained a Pentecostal Minister when he was a child.

Was Mister Rogers an ordained Baptist minister?


What is the minister of a Catholic church called?

The ordained ministries in the Catholic Church are deacons, priests and bishops. There are also other extraordinary ministers but they are not ordained. Am example would be a Eucharistic minister.

Is it difficult to learn how to become a ordained minister?

Each religious organization has there own process for becoming ordained. You can take correspondence courses too become a non denominational minister.