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Ultrasounds can't be 100% accurate for the sex of a baby because the penis or testicles may be hidden. Or the umblilical chord or something else may look like a penis. It is the best way to tell the sex though. And it is probably more accurate on the other things because those are tested in a different way. With measurements of the body part or other more accurate ways. The sex is determined just by what the person giving the ultrasound sees. .

no because one the umblical cord could make it look like the baby has a penis or even the babys finger could make you think it is boy but you are never sure because they told my sister she was having a girl twice and the baby ended up being a boy

definitely not.....THREE ultrasounds said i was having a boy.....she is now a 9 year old girl ;0)

I have two children a boy and a girl. The Ultrasound Tech was the same for both of them and at 18 weeks they guessed accurately. If you have an ultrasound tech that knows what they are doing then yes, it can be 100% accurate.

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Q: Can an ultrasound be 100 percent sure of a baby's sex?
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