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The date of conception can't actually be determined, but the fetal growth usually reflects how far along the mother to be is , so i believe an ultrasound is pretty accurate.

It depends when in the pregnancy it is done. The earlier in pregnancy the more accurate it is. So at 7 weeks it is only going to be inaccurate by 3 or 4 days.

If you have your first U/s at 8 months it is not nearly as accurate as babies vary so much in size.

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Q: Can an ultrasound scan be wrong by a month?
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What is the scan called you get when you are pregnant?

It is an ultrasound scan.

What to look for on a ultrasound scan for a boy?

An ultrasound tech will look for a penis or testicles when checking an ultrasound scan for a body. These parts of the anatomy make themselves very apparent on a scan in males.

What all is involved with having an ultrasound scan?

Ultrasound scan requirements vary depending on the type of ultrasound. For example, for a pregnancy ultrasound, the woman is expected to drink 4 glasses of water and not relieve her bladder for an hour before the scan.

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Can a ultrasound scan be a week out?

?????? a week out?

Does a ultrasound scan hurt?

Not at all.

What is involved in an ultrasound scan?

an ultrasound scanner Also included is the jelly and the monitor

What does MI means on a ultrasound scan?

what does the term MI mean on a dogs heart ultrasound

Who was the inventor of the ultrasound scan?

nicholas tesla

At which month is it necessary to do an ultrasound scan because some doctors say 3 months and some say 5 months?

It is not NECESSARY to do an ultrasound at all, they have only been done for the last 25 years or so and women were having babies for thousands of years before them. Having said that..... If you are unsure of your dates or you have bleeding you may have an ultrasound for dating and to check you are not miscarrying at 6-7 weeks. There are blood tests done for genetic abnormalities and a test for Downs syndrome where the scan is done at 12-13 weeks. (this would be the 3 month scan) If everything is normal and you are not having these tests most women have a scan at 18-20 weeks as at this stage the baby is fully formed and all its systems can be checked. (This would be the 5 month scan). There are no guarantees that the scan will pick up ALL abnormalities as some just cannot be seen on a scan. You do not have to have a scan at all if you don't want to it is totally up to you if and when you have it.

Had a transvaginal ultrasound and now need to have a transabdominal ultrasound why?

not enough field of view on transvaginal scan

When was the Ultrasound scan invented?

1961 by Ian Donald

What is the person called who takes an ultrasound scan?


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How accurate is a 5 months ultrasound scan?

no not yet

Why couldn't they see my left ovary during an ultrasound scan?

why couldnt they see my ovarias in scan

How do you know by scan report male baby or female baby?

how to find baby gender in the ultrasound scan

What is a folliculometry test?

This is an ultrasound scan of ovaries to detect ovulation

What can you see on an ultrasound scan 7 days after insemination?


What is hyderated kidney?

had a ultrasound scan i was told i had hyderated kidney

What are the types of gallbladder xray?

Ultrasound, CT scan, And the main one that measures the intake and output is the HIDA scan.

Why starve for an ultrasound scan?

Because if you eat, the food gets in the way of the scan and you doctor won't see properly.

The reliability of a pelvic ultrasound is dependent on what factor?

The reliability of ultrasound readings can depend on the skill of the technologist or physician performing the scan.

Is there any signs on an ultrasound scan to show the sex of your baby?

Is there any signs on an ultrasound scane to show the sex of baby

What would be the most logical reason that a baby would measure 4 weeks ahead on an ultrasound and can a scan be that much off?

If it is an early scan you must have got pregnant the month before. If it is a late scan (after 30 weeks) you may have a big baby. An early scan cannot be 4 weeks off.