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Q: Can antibiotics cause miscarriage
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Can a infection cause a miscarriage?

can a infection cause a miscarriage

What specific antibiotic can cause miscarriage?

Antibiotics can be taken when pregnant since some conditions are worse than the possible effects of the antibiotics. There is no real research that says that antibiotics can can cause miscarriage or fetal damage, they just want to be careful since there is not enough research. It doesn't matter what type or brand.

Can amoxicillin cause a miscarriage?

Actually, it is VERY UNLIKELY that it would cause a miscarriage. ------ There is always a risk with antibiotics and pregnancies but the doctor will prescribe it if the alternative (you not taking it and the illness progress) is worse. So yes it can.

What antiobiotic can cause a miscarriage?

Antibiotics don't cause miscarriage as far as we know. There is no research on this since we don't want to test it on pregnant women but a doctor will not prescribe it to you unless the reason you need it is potentially worse than the effect. Never take antibiotics without consulting a doctor first, pregnant or not. Also remember that there are different spectra of antibiotics for different illnesses.

Does levaquin cause miscarriages?

Antibiotics are not recommended when pregnant because it can affect the fetus (not miscarriage) but sometimes it has to be taken. Your doctor will decide which one you can take if you need it.

Can genital warts cause a miscarriage?

Genital warts won't cause a miscarriage.

Can HPV cause miscarriage?

HPV does not cause miscarriage. It does not affect fertility at all.

Can a miscarriage cause vaginal irritation?

A miscarriage may cause vaginal irritation.

Can tea cause a miscarriage?

There are herbs you can make tea of that might cause a miscarriage.

Can ibuprofen cause miscarriage?

It increases the risk of a miscarriage.

Can drinking clear vinegar cause a miscarriage?

Vinegar if any kind can not cause miscarriage.

Can the contraceptive implant cause a miscarriage?

The contraceptive implant does not harm a pregnancy and doesn't cause miscarriage.

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