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I think it can becouse I do bleed when taking antibiotics. I am not sure if it is normal or not.

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โˆ™ 2012-07-23 22:50:48
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Q: Can antibiotics make you bleed before it is time for you to start?
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Can your antibiotics make inflammation worse before it gets better?

Antibiotics should have no effect on inflammation unless you are allergic to it.

What if pinicillin make you sick and you start thoughing up?

There are many other antibiotics.

Can taking 3 different antibiotics in a month and a half make you start your period 2 days before the placebo pills?

Yes it can. Antibiotics also lower the effectiveness of birth control pills so there is a chance you may be pregnant. See your doctor for a blood test.

What antibiotics make you constipated?

What antibiotics make you constipated

Is there a kind of weed to make your eyes bleed?

Yes there is Ive had it before is only in the south though

Do you bleed hydraulic lifters on a 302 ford?

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Can antibiotics make cats sleepy?

Yes they can. Antibiotics can make humans tired also.

Antibiotics make these medicines less effective?

antibiotics make these medicines less effective?

Is it possible to fall pregnant while not menstruating?

It's not that common to fall pregnant when you bleed but it has happened but you might mean ovulating? The egg is only available for 1 day but the sperm can live inside for 5 days so if you have sex 5 days before there is still a risk. A orgasm can also make you start ovulating again. If you mean that you have never had your period before then yes, there is also a risk because you ovulate before you starts to bleed.

Can you take methadone and antibiotics together?

Not all antibiotics! Some antibiotics taken with methadone will make you have symptoms of withdrawal.

Why should't doctors over prescribe antibiotics?

Because the organisms that the antibiotics kill (to make you better) evolve resistance to the antibiotics when they are exposed to them. This means that the more the exposure (prescribing) the faster resistance develops. Antibiotics should therefore ONLY be used when really needed and taken EXACTLY as they are meant to. Stopping a dose of antibiotics before a full course of treatment is worse than over prescribing.

How do you make antibiotics in Doodle God?

medicine + bacteria= antibiotics

How do you make antibiotics on doodle god?


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If its a strong enough impact, anything can make you bleed.

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If you were to take birth control and then stop will that make you bleed?

yes, it is just as if you are now having a period. when you start again the bleeding will stop.

Can a praying mantis hurt a dog?

yes because if it can make people bleed then it can make a dog bleed.

Does acid make your brain bleed?

The general consensus is that Acid doesn't make a users brain bleed.

What are the cells that make antibiotics?

Antibiotics are chemically synthesized compounds. They are not made by cells

Can you make babys when your ten?

There are 10yo who has gotten pregnant, yes. It can be a very dangerous pregnancy since the body isn't developed yet and the baby can be born premature. The reason a 10yo can get pregnant is that we can enter puberty at that age even if it's early. And you ovulate before you start to bleed.

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Can cancer make you bleed true the mouth?

yes cancer can make u bleed through tha mouth

Do antibiotics linger in beef?

Majority of antibiotics used in beef cattle are at so low levels they are no threat to human consumption. Many of the antibiotics used in cattle aren't even used by humans anyway. Producers make sure they follow the withdrawal periods of antibiotics before slaughtering an animal. So to answer the question, they may, but not in levels that should be of any concern to your health.

Are there antibiotics that exist to make your penis smaller?

No, antibiotics will not decrease the size of a mans penis.

Can antibiotics make you test dirty for benzoes?

No, antibiotics will not show or masck for interfearence.