Can any Pokemon GO a level higher then lvl 100?

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Not at all in the regular Pokemon games, though some Pokemon hacks have enemy Pokemon above level 100.
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How do you train your Pokemon higher than level 100?

A Pokemon cannot go more than level 100 You cannot train a Pokemon past level 100, however, you can catch one over level 100. To do this you need to do the missingno glitch, and just sail until you see a ridiculously high level Pokemon. It will not be easy to catch this Pokemon seeing as it c ( Full Answer )

How do you get lvl 100 Pokemon in Pokemon pearl?

Train them i mainly depends how far in the game you are. if you are high enough to condidtantly beat the elite four just keepon going through. if you find they are to easy they eventually lvl up making it challenging again. hope this help :)

Could Pokemon Go Over Level 100?

Only by the use of a cheat device (eg. gameshark) or, in the original red and blue games, Pokemon over lv.100 could be caught in the wild using the missingno. glitch. However, if the latter were used in a battle and earned experience (there is no exp. gain in link battles, so you could use them in ( Full Answer )

Easy way to get lvl 100 Pokemon?

There's a variety of ways. I am assuming you don't have an Action Replay . My tip for you would be to constantly batte the Elite Four (that's what I did before i got my Action Replay and got a Lv 100 Giratina and Palkia), and of course visit Buck's House and face the various Gym Leaders that appear ( Full Answer )

Can any Pokemon Surpass lvl 100?

yes only one his name is nidogod he is the evolution of nidoking u must level nidoking to 100 then go to mt. moon and use the god stone on him and he will evolve. u must ge t the god stone from PROF. OAK.

How do you level up to lvl 100 fast in leafgreen?

okay well you see you just have to start by going through the game once you have beat the elite you should be at least lvl 60-70 and down so you can keep going through their or you can do it the extra easy way go to cinnabar island and talk to bill he should be on the left side of cinabar island bel ( Full Answer )

What is the Lvl 100 Pokemon ar code?

No There isn't a DIRECT code for it but just use a RareCandie code. It may take a few minutes but itll get you to Lvl 100. No There isn't a DIRECT code for it but just use a RareCandie code. It may take a few minutes but itll get you to Lvl 100.

Pokemon pearl code for lvl 100 Pokemon?

there isn't one but heres one for Rare Candy x999 94000130 fcff0000 b21c4d28 00000000 b0000004 00000000 00000dac 03e70032 d2000000 00000000 itll take longer but have the same effect

Does higher wc lvl go faster cutting yews?

yes you can cut yews faster the higher your wood cutting but the lower your wood cutting it takes you slightly longer to get logs. i would know about this because i have an account with good wood cutting (biblica007 i wont say his wc lvl ATM because i always am getting it up =D check in hi scores)

How do you level up your Pokemon over lvl 100 on Pokemon lake?

You have to go Account then Shop.... Then buy a RARE CANDY with a price of 5000. Then used it to a pokemon. Used a right amount to have you pokemon level up. Example: Here's a Charizard lvl. 50 then feed it with 20 rare candies. so the total of Charizards lvl. 70. P.S. : The max ( Full Answer )

How do you beat a level 100 with a level 1 on any Pokemon game?

Put a starly in day care with a ditto. the starly must know endavor(or any move that matches your HP with the foes), quick attack, and have a focus band.(i dunno where to find 1)First, go into battle.(egg Pokemon starly first)2nd, use endavor(move the matches HP).Then lastly, use quick attack. MAJOR ( Full Answer )

How do you geta lvl 100 Pokemon?

Its very hard to do but you just level it up i have a level 100 so i know. you just level it up. But it can only go up to level 100 not level 101 102 or 103 sadly

Is there any way to level Pokemon to 100 on pearl?

you could use cheats for action replay like 900x medicines.that will give ya 900 rare candies.or you can use the cheat for super exp gain. thatll give ya like,1000000 exp points.

Lvl 100 Pokemon egg?

This is only possible when you breed using the action replay. Lvl. 100 Pokemon eggs don't exist in normal play.

How do you get a Pokemon to lvl 100?

the fastest way to get Pokemon to level 100 is to keep battleing the elite 4 and chapion with wat Eva Pokemon u want at level 100

What other 2 Pokemon can you add to your team you have tyranatar lvl 100 dragonnight lvl 100 Metagross lvl 100 and blastios lvl 100?

you should have a balanced team. what i mean by that is that you should get a fire type Pokemon and an electric type Pokemon. for example, a lvl 100 charizard and a lvl 100 pikachu. Different User: I agree with him but you already have dragonite with probably thunder moves so... Instead get a ( Full Answer )

How do you get lvl 100 Pokemon on platinum?

Odd question, but I'll do my best. The typical way of getting a Pokemon to level 100 is to train them yourself. I like to just sweep the Elite 4 over and over again until I get there. The Elite 4 eventually level up their own Pokemon (they go from around 40-60 to 50-80) which will make it faster. ( Full Answer )

How do get lvl 100 Pokemon?

Either cheat using Gameshark (GBA) or Action Replay (DS). Or train your Pokemon REALLY well.

Has anyone got a better team than this on Pokemon heartgold palkia lvl 100 girantina lvl 100 mewtwo lvl 100 heatran lvl 100 Articuno lvl 100 arceus lvl 100?

It's highly original for someone to have a team of legendaries, but it doesn't mean that they are the best team. My SoulSilver team consists of: Level 100 Shiny-Mewtwo Level 100 Shiny-Shaymin (Sky-Forme-Obviously. Official) Level 100 Shiny-Charizard Level 100 Pikachu (Flying-Official) ( Full Answer )

Pokemon Diamond how to get Pokemon lvl 100?

Find lots of rare candys You can buy them on platinum and slowly trade them Fight alot Use an R4 (download card for ds somtimes folty) and download diamond then find one rare candy and multiply by using a cheat. Other cheat packs work as well Use the GTS (global trading station) and tra ( Full Answer )

Can a lvl 100 Pokemon get higher friendship?

Yes, the friendship can go higher, but not the level or HP. You can give your Pokemon a soothe bell, a massage, or a haircut if you a playing Silver, Crystal, Gold, Heart Gold, Souls Siver, Diamon, Platinum, Pearl, Emerald, Ruby, Sapphire, FireRed, or LeafGreen. Otherwise, I don't know.

What is the best Pokemon at lvl 100?

It's considered mewtwo is the best Pokemon at lvl 100 to your own opinion this is subject to change of course you can say its rayquaza, groudon, kyogre or any other legendary.

What is the name of the Pokemon that is higher than level 100?

No Pokemon is higher than Level 100, except in the TDG, where you can obtain level X Pokemon. It's also rumored that in the upcoming games, Pokemon Black and Pokemon White, that Pokemon can be trained as high as level 150.

How do you get pokemon to lvl 100?

Train A Lot . The best place to train is the Elite 4 and the Champion if you're strong enough. If you don't find that suitable, try Victory Road. But be careful not to get lost ;-). These strategies will take pretty long, but you should do it! I recommend the hard work. It's worth it!