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No not anyone they could be wrong you need to ask a specilist .C anyone can answer a question and it can be wrong unless they r smart.

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Where can you get a diagram showing how to put back water lines for the heater?

By contacting the various manufacturers

Diagram for 96 Oldsmobile eighty eight vacuum lines?

Get a chilton manual its in the back of the book its well worth it there 25.00.

Why does a 1991 Caprice Classic die when stopped at a light but start right back up quickly?

Hey Howard==It probably is the idle speed solonoid. Take if off of the throtle body and clean it with carb cleaner. Also clean the inside of the throtle body where the throtle plate is as a carbon ring forms around there. GoodluckJoe

How many lies are there on the back of a Chevy nomad?

If you mean lines, then the Nomad had 7 chrome strips running vertically.

Anyone know were to find a diagram of the layout of the brake lines on the underside of a 92 mercury topaz?

If you have to replace the lines, then just follow the path. The lines are in the middle of the car going to the back, and if not in the middle, then check the rails on the sides, down from the master.

Where is the EGR valve on a 2000 Mazda 626 v6?

it is in the right back of the engine right under the throtle body

1998 Chevy venture rear air condition blows hot air?

There is a leak in the rear lines running to the back.

Where can you find a day running light electrical diagram for a 1992 Grand Prix LE?

Goto a parts store, buy a manual and look in the back.

What sports use parallel lines?

FOOTBALL - Yard lines and goal posts BASKETBALL - Lines on the court and back board SOCCER - Sidelines and goal posts ********* Atheletic sports such as running (lines inbetween the runners) and high jump (the pole and the ground) and hurtles.

Is there a football position called z back?

Yes, he usually lines up behind the tight end diagonally. He is a cross between a wide receiver and running back.

What is a running back in football?

A running back is a position in football in which the ball is hiked to the running back and they then run the ball

What is the name of the person running with the football?

running back,half back,tail back,

What is the abbreviation to running back?

The abbreviation for running back is RB. There are two types of running back ... halfback (HB) and fullback (FB).

What is a football running back?

A running back is the player on the offense of a football team who is usually running the ball.

Is the two back the same as a running-back?

Yes the 2 back is usually the running back. The 1 back is usually the quarterback.

Where is the antenna in Toyota prado?

The antenna runs through the very back side windows. If you have a look at these you will see black lines running through it and this is the antenna

Is Barry Sanders a good running back?

Yes ... he was an excellent running back.

What is an NFL running back career lifespan?

how long is a running back career

Where does the running back stand?

A full/running back stand behind the QB

What is the difference between a full back and a running back?

Full backs are fat and running back are elesive

Who was the best running back?

Barry Sanders was the best running back known to the NFL.

Where to find a fuse box diagram for a vauxhall corsa 98 petrol?

The diagram is on the back of the cover!

How do you put a house door lock back together a diagram would help?

i need a diagram to put an amerock door lock back together

Who is the Cardinals' running back?

Edgerrin James is the starting running back for the 2007 season.

How much does a rookie running back get paid in the NFL?

It depends on which rookie running back you are talking about.