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Yes you could have two motherboards on one computer. A Playstation will take two mother boards with a $13 24-PIN ATX Y splitter.

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Q: Can any computer use 2 motherboards at once?
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Who are some of the best manufacturers of ATX Motherboards?

ATX Motherboards are often the preferred motherboard to use in a desktop computer. According to TechRadar, some of the best manufacturers of the Micro ATX motherboards are ASUS, AMD, MSI and Sapphire.

What are most popular types of motherboard?

The most popular types of motherboards in use today include the Baby AT, ATX, and Micro ATX format motherboards. There are also numerous proprietary motherboards created by large computer manufacturers such as Dell, IBM, and Compaq sold every year which do not conform to any industry standard format.

i read somewere that Dell will often use refurbished motherboards in the workstations, does intel do this at all?

Intel does not use refurbished motherboards in there pc workstations.

What computer can use in factories?

any computer

Can a BTX motherboards use an ATX power supply?


Can any printer work on any computer?

yes you can use any printer on any computer !

What can I use old computer parts for?

Often recycling centers will pay you for various computer parts such as power supplies, motherboards and hard drives. If the hard drive is still functional, you could also add it to your new computer and have additional storage.

Does your computer and tower have to match?

Your tower is your computer. If you are asking if the monitor and computer have to match the answer is no. You can use any monitor with any computer.

Do you have to use Acer Microsoft or can you use any?

You can use Microsoft products with any windows-based (or MAC) computer. You do not have to use an Acer brand computer.

Which motherboards have BIOS chips?

Nearly all computers manufactured today have motherboards which use bios chips based on flash memory technology

What color is PCI slots?

Most are black, but they can be any color the manufacturer wishes to use. DFI motherboards often use colorful PCI and PCI-E slots.

Why do most motherboards include a battery?

Most motherboards include a battery so that the system clock keeps running even when your computer is shutdown or unplugged. That way you don't have to reset the clock every time you turn on your computer Low Voltage power for the bios chip to store the motherboards user setting, if you were not to use a battery but wanted keep your custom FSB or memory timings you would have to create a custom flash file and flash your Bios then a battery will no longer be needed,

What color is a PCI-express slot?

Most are black, but they can be any color the manufacturer wishes to use. DFI motherboards often use colorful PCI and PCI-E slots.

Can you use any mouse on an Apple computer?


Can you use any computer on a plane?


Can you use any speed of RAM in your computer?


What kind of memory do motherboards accept?

The latest motherboards will generally take DDR3 memory,but older types use various types that are no longer at the cutting edge.

What type of RAM do most motherboards use?

Most current motherboards are using DDR3 SDRAM, although new higher-performing motherboards are starting to appear which use DDR4.

Do you have to use a Dell router with a Dell computer?

No. Ethernet is standardized, you can use any brand of Ethernet router (or switch) with any computer brand.

Can you use any keyborad on an apple computer?

As long as you can plug it in, it will likely work with any Apple computer.

Can you use a mac mini on any computer?

A Mac Mini is a computer. It can be used with any screen and keyboard.

How do you use a brand new iMac computer?

Just like you would use any other computer.

What memory module does new motherboards today use?

I think it depends on the motherboard.

Can you use a wireless keyboard and a normal keyboard on the same computer?

yes you can use both keyboards on one computer but not at once... if you take online banking as example, in any banking website u will have both keyboards u can use d keyboard u want

What is computer fraud?

Computer fraud is mostly the use of a computer to commit fraud in any way or manner.