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You can have sex during pregnancy without any problems at all.

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โˆ™ 2009-01-19 21:40:27
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Q: Can any damage happen in pregnancy with sex?
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How often does pregnancy happen due to missing a depo shot?

Pregnancy happen very often due to unprotected sex which is what you had.

Are there any pregnancy symptoms to determine the sex of the baby?

No the pregnancy test lone will not tell you the sex of the baby.

If someone has sex without a condom why hast she gotten pregnant?

pregnancy doesn't always happen.

If there any chance of pregnancy after you had normal period?

yeah, if you have sex again.

Is it any chance of pregnancy if your period finished and you will make sex after one week without condom and birth control pills?

Yes, it is always a chance of pregnancy after sex of any kind ,protected or not !

What happens if boobs are pressed continuously during sex?

I don't think anything will happen to be honest, it might hurt a little but there shouldn't be any lasting damage :)

What are the causes of adolescent pregnancy?

i think the common cause of adolescent pregnancy is when that adolescent enters into a relationship, and when she allow herself to engage this certain things, which is sexual intercourse. it doesn't matter even though it is her first time of having sex to a guy, there is a certain things happen that the pregnancy of first sex might possible to any woman...

How early can symptoms start with a sixth pregnancy?

The same time as with any other pregnancy - as early as 2 weeks after sex, but typically around 6 weeks after sex

Can virgin get pregnant with no sex?

No it is not possible for a virgin to get pregnant while abstaining from sex. In order for pregnancy to happen, a woman must have vaginal sex. Semen must enter the vagina in order for pregnancy to be probable. Without penetration of a penis into a vagina with a release of ejaculate, there is no way for a woman to become pregnant. A virgin who abstains from vaginal sex cannot get pregnant. Oral sex and anal sex cannot lead to pregnancy unless semen somehow leaks into the vagina. At any point where semen enters the vagina, pregnancy is possible. Virgins don't participate in vaginal sex(strict virgins don't participate in any form of sexual conduct) therefore they can't get pregnant.

What are causes of pregnancy?

Pregnancy is the result of sex.

Can you have pregnancy symptoms during sex?

Yes , but sex during pregnancy is proven to help relieve the pains of pregnancy.

How any days after sex can you take an accurate pregnancy test?

A home pregnancy test ,when taken correctly, is considered accurate 14-16 days after ovulation or unprotected sex.

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