Can anybody tell me the cartoon and or name of the female human cartoon character who played a Southern belle and who often uttered the phrase really I do really?

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"Goldimouse and the Three Cats " - [5.23 minutes into the cartoon.] see link to the cartoon .
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Cartoon characters names?

Daffy Duck-Elmer Fudd-Porky Pig-Yosemite Sam-Tweety-Mama Bear-Sylvester-Foghorn Leghorn-Goofy Gophers-The Road Runner-Wile E. Coyote-Speedy Gonzales-Marvin the Martian-Marc Antony-Sam Sheepdog - and others .

What are the names of Speed Racer cartoon characters?

The star driver is "Speed Racer." The mother is "Mom Racer," thefather is "Pops Racer," the personal mechanic is named "Sparky,"the little brother is named "Spritel," and his pet monkey is "ChimChim." Speed's older brother who ran away from home years ago wasnamed "Rex Racer." Rex came back in a sec ( Full Answer )

Can you name some cartoon characters?

Bugs Bunny . Daffy Duck . Stewie Griffin . Brian Griffin . Peter Griffin . Lois Griffin . Chris Griffin . Meg Griffin . Bob Belcher . Gene Belcher . Homer Simpson . Bart Simpson . Lisa Simpson . Marge Simpson . Maggie Simpson . Underdog . Scooby Doo . Scrappy Doo . ( Full Answer )

What cartoon character names that start with D?

Cartoon characters starting D include: Daffy Duck (1st contributor) Donald Duck Dewey (Donald Duck's nephew) Dr. Octopus (from Spider-Man) Dr. Doom (from Fantastic Four) Dumbo Dora the Explorer Diego (Go, Diego, Go!) Dopey (one of Seven Dwarfs) Dot Matrix (from Reboot) Duckman Dash (from "The Incred ( Full Answer )

What cartoon character has a name that starts with a J?

Jinx the cat from the cartoon Pixie and Dixie. You might be able to count the Jailbird (early name of Snake) on the Simpsons. Also, the old guy Jasper. Johnny Bravo Jonny Quest Johnny Test Jerry (Tom and Jerry) Josie (Josie and the Pussycats) Joey Wheeler (Yu-Gi-Oh) Jimmy Neutron Jake Long (Americ ( Full Answer )

What cartoon character names start with c?

charlie brown. Casper, The Friendy Ghost. Cathy (Cathy comic strip). Calvin (of Calvin and Hobbes). Cindy Lou Hoo (The Grinch Who Stole Christmas)

Famous cartoon characters names?

The most famous character names are: Inu Yasha Karin Edward Elric Alphonse Elric Saya Otanashi Light Yagami Naruto Uzumaki Sasuke Uchiha Itachi Uchiha Master Shake Meat Wad. The List goes on but those are a couple that I would consider. this person^ in an anime freak the most famous are strawbar ( Full Answer )

What are some names of cartoon duck characters?

The two most famous ducks in cartoons are Daffy Duck and Donald Duck. Then there is Donalds family including Grandma Duck, Uncle Scrooge McDuck, and his nephews Huey Louie and Dewey.

Cartoon character named Brain?

Brains ( plural) was a character on the animated series Thunderbirds. He wore specs and was an engineer. He was responsible for the design and maintenance of most of the Thunderbird vehicles, and significantly, was NOT a member of the Tracy family. That"s the only one I can think of, pun intended, d ( Full Answer )

Cartoon characters names that are french?

Pepe le Pew ( a Skunk, no not Veronique !) If you alliow for colonial French, Morocco Mole ( allegedly voiced by Peter Lorre) in Secret Squirrel. Mole is a slang term for an infiltrant or counter-spy, so it is a good cover. The Aristo-cats and Aristo-Kitties seem to be in part French. now to head so ( Full Answer )

WHAT ARE All the names cartoon character in Cartoon Network?

There is to many NOBODY CAN LIST THEM Here are some: Bridgette Geoff Lindsay tyler Trent Gwen Owen Izzy Beth Cody Courtney duncan ezikiel Katie&Satie Eva LaShawna Harold Justin DJ Heather Noah Chris Chef Hatchet ( these are total drama island characters) Flapjack Captin'Kunuckles Buby Slippery Joe ( Full Answer )

Which female cartoon characters begin with the letter A?

Atomic Betty . Alice . Angelica Pickles . Abby Mallard . Abigail Gabble . Adella . Alana . Alcmene . Amelia Gabble . Anastasia Tremaine . Anda . Andrina . Angel . Angelique . Anita Radcliffe . Anna . April Duck . Armoire . Audrey Ramirez . Aunt Sarah . Aurora

What is a cartoon with a character named jelly?

Have you ever heard of PB&J otters? yes, otters. The purple, female otter was named Jelly. The show was either on Disney channel or nickelodien. I used to watch it when I was little.

A name of a famous french cartoon character?

one of the most famous french cartoon characters that is popular worldwide is: ASTERIX the comics are available globally. The stories are about the Gauls.

What are some cartoon character names?

Porky Pig . Sponge Bob Square Pants . Homer Simpson . Power Puff Girls . Scooby Doo . Moe Simpsons . Maggie Simpsons . Marge Simpsons . Peter Griffin . Pluto the Dog . Snoopy The Dog . Pop-eye the sailor man . Tom and Jerry . Lisa Simpson . Stewie Griffi . Hello Kitty . Bugs Bunny . ( Full Answer )

What are the names of cartoon characters with the letter T?

Tom (from Tom and Jerry, the cat and mouse cartoon) . Tigger (from Winnie the Pooh) . Tinkerbell (from Peter Pan) . Tony the Tiger . Toucan Sam . Thomas the Train . Tarzan (in the Disney version) . Dick Tracey

What is the name of cartoon character fearless fly?

Fearless Fly appeared in Milton the Monster (also called The Milton the Monster Show ) from 1965 to 1968. Fearless Fly is actually Hirem, a house fly who gains superpowers from a pair of "high-powered" glasses.

What are the names of the characters in the cartoon Underdog?

Underdog/Shoeshine Boy, Sweet Polly Purebread, Klondike Kat, Major Minor, Running Board, Ruffled Feather, Sergeant Okey Homa, Colonel Kit Coyote, The Hunter, Officer Flim Flanagan, The Fox, Commander McBragg, Stanley Livingston.

Names of Female cartoon strip characters?

· Betty Boop · Blondie · Cathy · Daisy Duck · Little Lulu · Lois Lane (Superman) · Lucy (Peanuts) · Minnie Mouse · Nancy · Natasha (Rocky & Bullwinkle) · Olive Oyl (Popeye) · Wilma Flintstone · Wilma Ruble · Wonder Woman

What cartoon characters had children in the cartoon?

Family type cartoons were, like Family sitcoms- about family lifeincluding children. These could include Flintstones, Jetsons,Patridge family in outer space, and cartoon modifications of suchlive-action staples as Dennis The Menace. ( Dennis has hit for thecycle- comic strip ( Hank Ketcham), comic b ( Full Answer )

What cartoon character was named after a planet?

The answer is probably supposed to be Pluto. However, while Pluto was thought to be a planet at the time, it's now known that it isn't actually a planet but rather a dwarf planet.

What Cartoon characters names start with c?

· Captain Marvel · Care Bears · Casper the Friendly Ghost · Cathy · Charlie Brown · Chipmunks · Cinderella · Clifford the Big Red Dog · Coyote, Wile E. · Curious George

What are the names of the Looney Tunes cartoons characters?

The main Looney Tunes most recognizable cartoon characters are Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck. There are other characters too from the well known Marvin the Martian and Elmer Fudd, to lesser known ones like the gremlin (who actually outsmarts Bugs for once). They have many characters with a rich traditio ( Full Answer )

What cartoon features a character named Goofy?

Today the cartoon character Goofy is mainly featured in the show Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Minnie's Bow-Toons. But over the past years he was featured in many more shows, some which includes Bonkers and Goof Troop.

What cartoon had a character named Jaga?

Jaga was one of the main characters on the 1980s cartoon ThunderCats. The character was voiced by Earl Hammond in the original series. The character also featured in the 2011 remake of the cartoon.

Can you name all 63 cartoon characters?

What exactly are you asking, because there are significantly more than 63 cartoon characters fromall the existing cartoons. There's 103 Smurfs alone, not counting all the supporting /non-Smurf characters & that's one cartoon series,so what characters are you wanting to know about?