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Yes, you a minor until you turn 18. Your parents have the power to control where you live. If you commit a crime, the state will too! They'll force you to live in a juvenile hall or prison. :-)

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How do you remember the difference between University of Washington and Washington State University?

the Washington State University is under government and University of Washington is private.

What state is south of Washington state?

Oregon.Oregon .And under Oregon is California

In Washington State a personal watercraft livery cannot rent to a person who is under what age?

In Washington State, a personal watercraft livery cannot rent to a person who is under 16.

In Washington State who must wear life jackets on a boat under 19 feet?

n Washington State, children 12 and under must wear life jackets on a boat under 19 feet.

What was the secretary state under Washington?

Thomas Jefferson was the Secretary of State during Washington's presidency.

What year was Alexander Hamilton secretary of state?

He was never secretary of state. He was the secretary of treasury under Washington.

Who was the first to serve as secretary of state?

Thomas Jefferson was the first secretary of state under George Washington.

Is it illegal for a someone to runaway in Washington state?

It is illegal for someone under the age of 18 to run away in Washington state. It is also illegal to harbor the runaway.

Is Washington D.C. in the State of Maryland?

No, Washington DC is a federal district and is under the jurisdiction of Congress. It is the capital of the United States of America and not associated with any state,

What was Washington's Secretary of State's home state?

Thomas Jefferson was Secretary of State under President Washington . He was from Virginia.

Who was secretary of state when George Washington was president?

Three different men served as Secretary of State under President George Washington. They were Thomas Jefferson, Edmund Randolph, and Timothy Pickering. Pickering also served as Secretary of State for a while under John Adams.

How old do I have to be to legally vape in Washington state Can I vape under eighteen?

"Vaping" is treated the same as smoking traditional cigarettes. In the State of Washington, it is illegal to smoke (vape) under the age of 18. If you are vaping as a minor, you are in violation of the law.

What state is the 50 state?

The 50th state was Hawaii, which America annexed, partly by force. It was under the control of Queen Liliuokalani at the time.

What is the air National Guard?

A reserve force of the Air Force but under state authority unless called into federal service.

What year did Washington state prohibit minors under 18?

im not sure to the answer of this question

Why is the American Elm Massachusetts state tree?

To commemorate when George Washington stood under it

Can you force a 16 year old to attend school?

Technically you cant force anyone to do anything, but if you are under 18 it is the law that you must be in school until you graduate.

Who served as Secretary of State under President George Washington?

Two men served as Secretary of State under Washington during his presidency. Edmund Randolph came second, following Thomas Jefferson, who would later become president himself.

Are balisongs legal in Washington?

Whether the question is asking about the State of Washington, or Washington, DC - the answer is the same for both. No, they are not legal. They fall under the classification of a 'gravity" or 'butterfly' knife which are unlawful.

Airsoft gun are they legal for minors in Washington state?

Minors are allowed to have airsoft guns as long as they are playing on privately owned propery with the owner's consent. BUT most airsoft stores will not sell to anyone under the age of 18

Can you carry a knife in the state of Washington?

You can carry one in any state provided is not an illegal type & blade length under the limit.

How old are juvenile delinquents?

Juvenile delinquents can be anyone under the legal age of your state. It ranges from 18-19 in the USA. Anyone under that age who commits a crime is considered a juvenile delinquent.

When did Washington become a US state?

Washington became a state on 11 November 1889. It had previously been the Washington Territory, split from the Oregon Territory in 1848.The Oregon Territory was ceded to the US by Great Britain under the Oregon Treaty of 1846, which also established boundaries between the US and the British colonies of British Columbia and Vancouver Island. Previously the territories were nominally under joint administration.1889Washington become a state on November 11, 1889 as the 42nd state.Washington was admitted into the Union on November 11, 1889 becoming the 42nd state to join the Union.

Can you ride street legal dirt bikes at 12 in Washington?

No, state of Washington requires you to be 16 before you can get a motorcycle permit (with your parents signature if your under 18).

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